affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Method In 2023 ONLY Takes 10 Min!

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: In this article, I’m gonna reveal an incredibly powerful 10-minute free method for affiliate marketing that will allow you to generate $300 or more per day, even if you don’t have a website a following, or any experience online.

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

affiliate marketing for beginners

I’m gonna share every single step as far as how to find a good product to promote, to start earning commissions. How to use this little-known yet incredibly simple trick to get endless people wanting to click your affiliate link. And then towards the end of the video, I’m gonna show two separate methods you can use to apply this method so you can make even more money. So be sure you read the very end of the Affiliate Marketing For Beginners article.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step One


So the very first step is we need to find a product to promote. Now, DigiStore24 is one place you can find products. All you have to do is go here, you click. Button under register now, and then you can go ahead and sign up as an affiliate. Put a username and an email password. Now it takes just a few minutes to register, and once you do, you can go to your back office and go under the marketplace tab.

Now at DigiStore24, they have all these different types of products such as. Animal and pets computer and internet. Now with this method, this will work in any single niche you want, so if you have a preference, you can go ahead and do that. For the sake of this article, we’re gonna go to fitness and health, and we’re going to sort results by sales rank.

But in this article, I will be using Digit store 24, and I’m gonna be using the ultimate Keto meal plan. Now my affiliate link is right there. If there’s a blue button, you just have to click it and it reveals your affiliate. And then I’m going to open a notepad file and put that in there to keep it handy because we’re gonna use this in just a second.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Two

Now, if I copy this and I go to the affiliate link, I want you to take a look at what this sales page looks like. Okay? So you can see right there, it has a video and each sales page that you promote is gonna be different. Okay? So this one has a big headline, a video. Now, eventually, after a certain period, a button will appear automatically that will.

Your prospect, give the person that’s seeing this page, the chance to click the button and buy. And once they buy through your affiliate link through the link that we’ve copied here, you will start to make money.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Three

So the next step is we’re going to take our affiliate link right here. Okay? Copy that And we’re gonna go to another free site called What this does is if I paste in our affiliate link and I click this little circle, it’s going to convert this page into a PDF document automatically.

Okay? As you can see right here, download the converted file. I’m gonna go ahead and download that. Now. You can see if I open up this pdf. It’s the same page, but a PDF document. Now, why are we doing this? Well, what you wanna understand is most people perceive that a PDF file is very valuable when you give away a pdf.

People will come too. Think that you’re actually providing a lot more value and they will be interested in checking it out, and we’re ultimately gonna lead them to our affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Four

So the next thing we want to do is we want to go over to another free site called, and we want to go to the PDF editor.

Again, the direct link is below. And then what we wanna do is we want to click. Upload pdf and we want to choose the PDF we just downloaded. Okay, so I did that right there. It’s uploading this PDF. Now, as we can see, again, this is the affiliate sales page, and you can see it’s a pdf, right? So now what we’re gonna do is we need to add a clickable link.

So when someone looks at this pdf, what we’re going to do is get them to click a link and then go to our affiliate sales. So again, the reason we’re not just direct linking to the affiliate sales page is, a lot of sites will not let you a direct link. So this gets you around that, but also it’s gonna be perceived as more valuable.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Five


So what I can do is I can actually go to text up here and I can type in, you know, click here To watch the full video. Okay. Now this is a black font, so I can, you know, make this a different font if I want, but I can also change the color to something like white. As you can see right there, I can make this bigger.

And then we’re going to just drag this like that, just under the video. So you can see right here has this headline, a video, and then click here to watch the full video. Now, all we have to do is click links, hover over this, and then link to the external URL. If I open up my notepad again, I can go ahead and copy this affiliate link.

Hey, sit in there, and then go ahead and just click off like that. And then now what we can do is click apply changes, and now it’s editing what we’ve just done. So if I download this right, I open this up. This is what it looks like. Okay, so it’s the pdf, which is the sales page. You can see we’ve added this text, and if I click here, it has a clickable link that will take them to the actual sales page.

So again, we’re doing this because this will be able to be given away as the. The gift to people that are perceived as more valuable. And the two different traffic sources, the two different places I’m about to share with you that you can share this PDF on, do not let you just directly to an affiliate link typically. So we can directly link to our PDF and then our affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Six

So the next step is we want to go to Google and you wanna search Google Drive. Every Gmail and every Google account has a Google Drive where we can go. And then what this does is give us the ability to upload files. So once you’re inside Google Drive, I can click new I can click file upload, and then choose the PDF with the clickable affiliate link.

Okay, so you can see right here the file has been uploaded. Now what we want to do is we wanna right click here. We want to click on Get Link, and we want to. Anyone with the link has access and then copies the link. Now, the reason we do this is that we wanna upload our PDF so we can get the link to the pdf. If it’s just under your computer or smartphone, you can’t share it with someone.

So now that we’ve copied the link, if someone goes to that link, which I can share right here if someone goes to this link, it’s gonna redirect them to the file in Google Drive. Okay? You can see right there where they can click. Watch the full.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Seven


So the next step is, now that we have it here, we want to put it in a notepad file. Again, always keep everything very organized. Now, the first free place you can start to promote this PDF to start to make affiliate commissions is Quora is an incredible place, and basically, it’s a question-and-answer website. So you want to first create a profile, and then once you do, you’re going to be able to answer people’s questions.

So we want to answer. In the specific niche that the product we’re promoting is in. So for the sake of this article, it’s in the health and fitness keto niche. So I can go to Cora and I can take something like keto and I can go ahead and search this. And once I do, it’s gonna be all these different results.

But I can filter by questions. And this is gonna list the questions. That people are asking that are related to the type of product we’re promoting. Okay, what is the keto diet? Or you know, is a ketogenic diet good for weight loss? I could go to this question here and what I can do is I can answer this question.

So all you have to do to answer one of these questions is click the answer, and then we just wanna write a few sentences summarizing their question and then leading them to our pdf. So is a cryogenic diet good for weight? Yes, it is great for weight loss and can help you shed fat fast. I have a free PDF sharing more info on the best way to start keto today.

Okay, so notice how we’re kind of segueing. We’re leading to our pdf, and then we can just go ahead and paste in that Google Drive link, and then I can just post. So what’s gonna happen is our answer will stay there for months, if not years to come. And when people see this question, they’re going to see this, and then they’re gonna click, oh, a pdf. That’s very valuable. And then they’ll be able to find our affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Eight


Now, the last place I’ll share this good video is Pinterest. So all you have to do is. Pinterest profile if you don’t already. Ideally, you want to create it around the niche you’re in. So if you’re in health and fitness, you can make a health and fitness photo, or you can go to Google Images.

Now we just wanna click Create. We want to create a pin, and then the first thing is wanna add an image. So if we go back to Google Images, I can type in a few words like health and.

And I can just find a good image. Okay. Like this one could be good. We just wanna right click and then save the image, and then save this to our desktop or phone. Okay. Then we just wanna go back to Pinterest, click here, and then upload the photo we just downloaded. Okay. Like that. And then for adding a title, we just want to type in, um, some words that have to do with what people are searching.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Nine

So if we click this little magnifying glass, I can type in things like weight. And then it shares with us actual keywords that people are searching for that we can use in our title to help our post rank so people find our pdf. So weight loss drinks. Weight loss plans could be good. So this weight loss plan is amazing.

Must see something like that. For the description. You can just write a few words and in fact, we can actually go back to Quora and I can just say, you know, I can copy that and then go here. So, This plan is great for weight loss. Okay, and then add a destination link. Again, we want to take our Google Drive link that leads to our pdf.

Hey, sit in there and then just click publish and this pen will start showing up under this keyword so people will see it, and then they’ll get led to ours. Google Drive right here, and then they will see our pdf. They’ll click here to watch the full video. They’ll watch the affiliate sales video, and then a lot of people will decide to buy because we know this is a good-selling product.

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