affiliate marketing beginners

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners in 2023 $250+/Day Method! (FREE & Easy)

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: In today’s article, I’m gonna reveal a free, beginner-friendly method you can use.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
affiliate marketing beginners

To start doing affiliate marketing in generating $250 or more per day like clockwork. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna share with you exactly how to find a high-converting product to promote. I’m then gonna share with you a very simple method that takes no more than 10 minutes a day to start to get massive clicks to your affiliate links so you can make it every single day.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step One


Let’s dive into the method right now. Okay. Now, when it comes to doing affiliate marketing, you wanna first off find a product that is selling very well, so you can start to promote it.

Now we’re gonna be using in this article, but you can use any product you want for this method. So if you don’t have a ClickBank account, what you can do is just click start here, and then you can go ahead and answer these simple questions, and then you’ll typically get approved within a few minutes. Now, once you’re inside, you want to go to the top tab under Marketplace. So we have all these different categories of products.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Two

clickbank products

Now, as I said, this method works in every single category, but for the sake of this video, I’m gonna go down to. Self-help. And what I’m gonna be looking for is to sort results by gravity on ClickBank, you always wanna sort results by gravity. This lists the best-selling products at the very top of the page, which is what we want.

They can see this one right here, his secret obsession. Okay? So this is a product that has to do with making men obsessed with women. So this is what we’re gonna promote. Video. Now the average dollar per conversion is $58, which is great. That means you’ll make on average about $60 per sale. So what we wanna do on ClickBank is click promote, generate a hoplink, and then get our affiliate link here.

Now anytime you get someone to go to this link, okay, and I’ll share with you what it looks like when they click this link and they get taken to this page, when they watch this video, it’s gonna. Stem to what To buy this product. So after a certain amount of time, there’s gonna be a button where people can click and buy.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Three


And if they buy through your link, you’re gonna get credit for that referral and you’re gonna earn, like I said, roughly about $60 per conversion. Okay. So once we have that link, we want to save it in a notepad file. We’re gonna use it a little bit later in this powerful step-by-step method. Now the next step is we want to go to a site called

Now, all the links referenced in this video are gonna be down below in the description, but what Canva allows you to do is create different videos, photos, and logos, totally for free. But what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to this box right here, and we’re just gonna type in TikTok video. Now click right here.

Now keep watching because this is gonna be incredibly simple, as you’ll see in just a second. So just click create TikTok video right there. Now, once you do that, okay, you’re gonna start with a fresh blank canvas. Now what you wanna do is you want to add two more pages right off the bat. Okay? So click there two more times.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Four

So now we have three different slides. Now we want to go here, and what you wanna do is you want to go to elements, and then we wanna look for ideally videos. Okay? Right here, okay, so we just wanna find some stock footage, okay? So I mean, this could work right here. Okay, so under videos you can look, and since we’re in the relationship niche, and this is for women, we can choose a video that would kind of go more for women.

So for this example, I mean this one right here, um, looks pretty good. So I can just click that and what I can do is I can drag it just like this and expand it so it fills this Canvas. I like to use this for all the slides. So what I can do is I can now click page number two, Right there.

And I can click there and again, do the same thing. Just drag this like that, okay? And then click that last page and add the same video. Now with Canva, if it has this little crown, it says the pro, and you have to pay for it. But a lot of these are free.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Five

So now we want to go back to the first slide. And the very first thing we wanna do is we want to click the text and we want to add a heading. So click the heading right there. And what you wanna do is add something, attention-grabbing, something that’s gonna capture people’s attention and get them to wanna watch this short video. So it’s gonna have to do with your niche that you’re in, but if you just wanna copy this and do the relationship niche, I can say something like, you know, watch this to drastically improve your relat.

Or you could say, you know, watch this to drastically improve your income or drastically improve your muscle gains. Right? Whatever niche it is. Okay? Now we can also change the size. Okay? Like that. And we can, you know, just play around with it. Make it look good. Okay? We can drag and drop it and then you can center it.

Okay? So that’s pretty good. Watch this too drastically improve your relationships. Now for the next page, what we want to do now, We want to find based on your niche, either a tip, a quote, some motivation, or something of value that we’re giving away to people. So you can go to Google and I typed in relationship motivational quotes for her because this is a related product for women.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Six


Now, again, if you are in the weight loss niche, and maybe it’s keto, Okay, a keto product, you could type in, you know, keto recipes or keto tips. Okay? So you just wanna look for your niche, and then you wanna look for either quote, some tips, like I said, something of value. So once you search that, okay, they have all these different quotes that come up and I just found a page right here that has 75 different quotes, and I can just take one of them.

So let’s say, you know this one right? Right. I can copy that quote. I can go back to Canva and what I can do is on the second page, I can hit a heading and I can just paste in that quote now erase the number one. Okay. So it’s just the words and I can go ahead and drag that into right there, formatted a little bit.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Seven

Okay. Just like that. And so now you can see it’s this quote. So now we have the first slide, which is, you know, watch this to dramatically improve your relationships. Then they go here and it says, you know, this quote that has to do with relationships. And then for the last slide, we now wanna give them a call to action.

We want to add a heading. And we want to tell people to do something after we lead with value. Now they like us a little bit. They think, Hey, this is, you know, pretty good. That was good information. Now we wanna lead them to action. So what this is, is this is a TikTok video. So on TikTok, before you have a thousand followers, you can’t put a link in your bio.

So before that, you want to make the call to action to follow you. So say, follow my account for Relationship tips. Okay. Or follow my account for more money-making hacks. Follow my account for more weight loss recipes. Okay, whatever you’re sharing now, you wanna kind of center this. And what I like to do also is I like to go to Elements and then type in Red Arrow and now I just find something.

Okay? Typically all are not videos. And then we just find one that isn’t pro. Okay. So we can, you know, even use this one is fine. We want to make this smaller. And on TikTok, the following for them to click, and follow the following icon is gonna be on the right side. Okay? So we wanna make the arrow on the right and then just like that.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Eight

So when they see this, It’s gonna be pointing where they can follow us. Now, after you get to a thousand followers on TikTok, which using this powerful method will happen very quickly, what you can do is tell people to click the link in bio for relationship training, or click the link in bio for a weight loss tip.

Okay. We can get them to click the link in our bio, which I’ll share a little bit later. Okay? So the next step you wanna do is go to the first slide and we want to drag it and make it a lot shorter, a lot faster. Okay? So anything about 1.2? That’s pretty good. One second. The first slide is gonna be pretty quick.

The next slide is gonna be a little bit slower. Okay. A little bit longer time because we want them to read that quote. And then the last slide is a little bit shorter again, so maybe, you know, 3.5 seconds is pretty good. So let’s test that out. Let’s see what the finished product so far is looking like.

And we just created this video copy and pasted it in a matter of a couple of minutes. So let me play this. Okay, so real quick, you could see that was a little bit fast. So let me adjust this right there. Go back. Okay, so maybe that’s a little bit slow. Again, you can play around with that, but that’s it. And then once it gets there, it’s gonna go into the call to action right there.

Okay? Pretty darn good. Now, once you have the finished video, you wanna click share, you wanna go down, and download it. If you’re on a phone or if you’re on your computer, download it to your device. And then we’re gonna actually, This in a second. So I’ll join you in one moment when it’s finished downloading.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Nine


Okay, so the video finished downloading, and what we wanna do is we wanna go over to TikTok. If you haven’t guessed, TikTok is incredibly powerful and I wanna share with you a couple of profiles that have used this method. This one right here is 40,000 followers, over 833. Thousand likes. You can see their videos are getting consistent views and it’s just stock images with a relationship tip or some motivation.

Now, when you’re setting up your profile, if you want to name it something that has to do with the niche, okay, so you could do relationship advice, relationship tips, again, if you’re in weight loss, weight loss. Tips, weight loss recipes, and then we wanna make the bio something very short, and snappy that tells people what it’s about.

So this says couple content relationship goals. You can just model after that. Here’s another one. Even more popular 295,000 followers Relatable feelings. I love you. You can see just literally, you know, stock video with text. Okay? So you can create these videos in a matter of minutes. Do one a day.

Okay? You can see some of these videos are getting a lot of you, some of ’em lesser. It’s more of a numbers game. You wanna stay consistent. But once you create your profile, you can see they have a link in their bio. You can’t do this until you get over a thousand followers. So you wanna get everyone following you with your videos and then switch over to telling people to go to the link in your bio, and that’s where you’ll put your affiliate link.

Okay. So we would just. Take our affiliate link and we would put it in our bio right there. Now, when you have that video downloaded, how do you upload it to get the most views and traction? We want to click upload, and I wanna share with you some secret hacks to get a lot of views on TikTok.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step Ten

So what you wanna do is click the select file and upload your TikTok. Okay, so while that’s uploading, what I wanna do is share with you that the caption will automatically take that first text and do that.

And that’s good because like I said, that’s gonna be very attention-grabbing. But the next thing you wanna do is you wanna add some captions. Okay? So you can hit this little hashtag. We wanna type in a few words that have to do with the niche. That’s how people are gonna find this.

They’ll go to the. They’ll start to type in, okay, certain words like, you know, relationship and you can see it drops down. These are what actual people are typing in. So we can use this as our hashtag. So we can go here and I can type in, you know, relationship and I wanna look for some hashtags that are popular that are getting a lot of views, but maybe not a ton of views.

Okay, so you just want to add, you know, like 3, 2, 5 hashtags that’s gonna help your video show up and start ranking. And the last thing you want to do, and not a lot of people know about this, is you can add trending songs to your TikTok and it will start to get a lot of views at the moment because it’s popular.

So on your phone, it’s gonna look something like this. You can add a sound and you can go to, I believe it’s TikTok. At the current state of TikTok, I believe that’s the name. You go in there, find the viral song, choose one of them and then add it to your video. And again, people will start to see your video when it comes to adding that song as well.

Okay? So you have this video, you have the call to action, and then people will start going to your bio and following you. And then after you get to a thousand followers, very quickly you can change it. Your affiliate link. Well, there we have it, my friend. I hope you enjoyed learning this incredibly simple affiliate marketing for beginner strategy.

Be sure you do this consistently, ideally, every single day post a video and you’ll start to get traction views and then sales and money from the affiliate products you’re promoting.

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners


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