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Clickbank Affiliate Marketing In 2023 FREE Traffic Method REVEALED! (Fast & EASY)

In this article, I’m gonna reveal an incredibly simple, totally free Clickbank Affiliate Marketing method you can use today to start generating affiliate commissions using ClickBank. Now, this method doesn’t require you to have a following. You don’t need a website, you don’t even need to show your face online, and you can do this free method in as little as five minutes a day, just copying and pasting.

clickbank affiliate marketing

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step One


Let’s go ahead and dive into the very first step. So now, like I said, with this method, we’re gonna be using ClickBank and finding a product there. So go to ClickBank. If you don’t have an account, what you can do is you can click start here all you have to do is just go through and answer a few of these questions and you’ll be able to create a free account.

Just answer them there. And then once you’re. For your dashboard, your back office, you want to go to the top tab under marketplace. Now, once you do that, inside a ClickBank, they have all these different categories on the left side. Now they have betting systems, business and investing, cooking, food, and wine.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Two


Now with this specific method, it works best in the E-business, E-marketing, or the online marketing niche, the make money online niche. On ClickBank, if you’re using that to find a product, we’re gonna click this category there, and once you do, it’s gonna list all these different products that you can find to promote.

Now, there’s a lot of information here. The main important thing we want to do is first off, sort results by gravity. What gravity is, it’s a basic average of how well these products are selling. So you can see the score for gravity is gonna be right here. Anything above 30 is usually good. So this has close to 300, which is good.

Now, another thing you wanna keep in mind is, The average dollar per conversion on ClickBank, this is the average amount of money you’re gonna receive after someone buys the upsells, the down sells, and all the products that they’re offered when they go to purchase. Okay, so this is $31. This is $67, but the gravity scores are a little bit lower, so you wanna look at a combination.

So once we find a good product, if you’re using ClickBank, you want to click this blue, promote and create a hop link, and that’s gonna give us our affiliate link.

So we want to go ahead and copy this. I like to put it in a notepad file. We’re gonna be using this a little bit later, as you’ll see with this powerful, straightforward method.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Three

Okay, the next step is wanna go over to a website called A lot of people don’t know about this website.

Once you go to this website, what you want to do is you, once you click this button there. Now once you do that, it’s gonna take you to this page where you can register. Now, this is free. Okay? This site is actually. Completely free. You can sign up and once you do, once you put your first name, you create a username, and password, put your email in, and then agree to the terms.

You’re going to receive a confirmation email at the email address you put in right here. Now, you want to go into that email. You want to click the button to confirm that that is your email address. Now, once you do that, you’re gonna be able to log in. Now, this is your back office with ListJoe. Now, what is List Joe?

A lot of people don’t even know about this site. What this site does is it gives you credits in the form of emails that you can send out to real people. So you can see right here the membership at the free level is you can send up to 1000 emails every three days. So one credit is one email, so you get a thousand credits when you first join, and every three days you can use those thousand credits to send a thousand emails to people promoting whatever offer you want.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Four

So what we want to do inside is we want to click send mail and we want to click send mail again, and that’s gonna take us to the area of list where we can start to use our credits and get tons of free traffic Literally a thousand people. To see our affiliate link, a lot of them are gonna click because it’s highly converting, A lot of them can decide to buy.

So you can see right here, you can choose how many credits you want to use. You get a thousand when you first joined, so why not use all a thousand? Okay, so that’s selected. That’s good. Now we want to go here. It says, URL you’re advertising. Now we wanna open up the notepad and we just want to copy our affiliate link.

Now I will say if you know how to make Funnel. I’ve created another article teaching you how to create a capture page where you can actually collect someone’s email and then send them to the affiliate page. That’s even better. If you have a capture page. You want to use that link first. But if you don’t have a website, totally fine.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Five

You can just copy that, put it here, and then we just want to paste that in right there. Now for the subject and the body of this email, I wanna share with you a little-known hack you can use to copy and paste high-converting emails. So if we go back to ClickBank, okay. A lot of the products that they have on here have affiliates.

That you can go to. So if we open up this affiliate page, what this is it gives you tons of different resources. As you can see it has products, images, and videos. The product creator is giving you these resources to better sell their product. So what we wanna do is we wanna look at the email swipes. Most of these products are gonna give you email swipes so they have, you know, this one 20 different email swipes.

So we can just take the first one, click on it, copy this subject line, okay, like this. Then go back to list Joe and paste that in right there. Okay, so that is our subject line. Then we just go back here. Okay. And for the body, we just copy the body of this email and then we go back to listJoe and paste it in right there.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Six

Now there are a few things you wanna do before you. Send a message to those thousand people you wanna look over. Hi, name. You can see that for this to personalize on their site, it has to be this code. So we want to copy that, and replace it with there. Now we just want to go through and double-check that there’s not anything, you know, such as a link or anything like that.

Okay? So we wanna make. Good, so we can go here. It, it’s looking pretty good, but right here, click here and secure a discount. So wherever it tells you to click here, we want to highlight that. Okay. Wherever it says click here, we want to just go there. We want to add, you know, that symbol there.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Seven

And what you wanna do is, rather than just putting in that long affiliate link right here, because that’s pretty unattractive, we want to copy that and we want to go to another free site called TinyURL. You can paste in any long affiliate link, click make tiny URL, and it shortens it. Okay, so this is one right here.
You can just copy that and now we can go back here and you can paste that in so it looks more attractive.

So if someone goes to that site, it’s gonna redirect to our sales page. Okay? Now again, you just wanna make sure it doesn’t say anywhere. But that is the only place I can see where it tells them to click here.
Best wishes, and then you can just put your name. Okay, and that’s it. So you can see that we just found a high-converting product. We found a high-converting email that we can copy and paste, and we’ll get this in front of a thousand people. In less than five minutes. So then you’ve just literally clicked send a message.

Okay? So you can see right here the confirmation, thanks for sending your email and becoming an active member. So it will get tons of visitors out over the next few days. So over the next few days, they will generate, you know, a thousand people too. See that email and the affiliate link that we just sent.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Eight

Now, a couple of quick tips before I get going. Number one is you can create more than one account. So they say you can only, you know, have one free account. Well, I mean, if you do use other email addresses, you could technically create more accounts. So you could up the number of credits you’re actually and you wouldn’t have to wait those three days.

But if you just wanna create one account, go in here every three days. If you wanna send a reminder on your phone, just go ahead and stay consistent and start to promote these products. Well, there we have it, my friend. Incredibly simple method.


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