digistore24 affiliate marketing

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing FREE Traffic For Beginners!

Now, one I’m gonna share with you inside this tutorial is a free Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing automated way. You can get massive traffic to whatever affiliate link you want to promote without a website, without a following, and without even showing your face online.

digistore24 affiliate marketing
digistore24 affiliate marketing

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step One

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive in right now. So the very first step is we need to find an affiliate product to promote. Now one place you can go is DigiStore24.

They have a lot of different products in many different niches. So you just want to go to Digistore24 if you’re using that and you wanna sign up for free if you don’t have an account. Now, once you’re inside, you wanna go to the tab under Marketplace. This is gonna have all these different categories or niches of different products now with this incredibly powerful method.

In this tutorial, you can use any. You want But for the sake of this article, I’m gonna go to personal development because I haven’t taught in that niche. Now, if you go there on digistore24, typically if you sort results by sales rank, that’s gonna show some of the best-selling products at the top. And I found this product by Wesley Virgin.

It helps people manifest money. So that’s the niche we’re gonna do in this video. Now you can see right here, the earnings are about $50 per sale, which is pretty good. Now, if you don’t have the. On Digistore24 You just click promote. Now, it’ll generate your affiliate link and we can go ahead and copy that and add it to a notepad file.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step Two

Now the next step is we want to shorten this affiliate link because if you just start promoting this link, it’s a little bit unattractive and most people won’t want to click on it. But if you go to a free site called tinyurl.com for this method.

You can go ahead and paste that in, hit make time URL and it will automatically generate a shortened link, which we can go ahead and copy. Now. If someone goes to that link, it will automatically redirect to the affiliate sales page. So let me go ahead and replace that there. And now we have our shortened Link.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step Three

Now the next thing we wanna do is we want to go to Google and you want to search for a few words such as top five money affirmations, top five weight loss tips, and whatever niche your product is in, you wanna search top five and then follow by a few words. So top five ways to make money. Okay, so we’re looking for tips or in this case, affirmations that people would be searching for that have to do with the product.

Okay, so for this example, money affirmations. Now I found this. And we just wanna open up an article that has at least five. It can be more than five, but five is a good amount for this specific method. And I can just copy the first five like that right there. Now the next step is we want to add that to our notepad. So we’re keeping everything very organized for this incredibly simple method.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step Four

And the next step is wanna go to another site that’s free called Pexels.com. Now what you can do is you can actually. Free photos that are copyright free that you can use with this method. So you wanna search for a few words that have to do with your product or niche.

Now, for this example, it has to do with manifestation. Could be the law of attraction, but I’m gonna do meditation Because that image will be, you know, very similar to what we need. So you can see right here, they have all these pretty good images. Now what we wanna do is we wanna download. Images to our computer or smartphone, wherever we’re doing this.

So you just wanna get some good high-quality images that kind of are related to your product. So like I said, this is about manifesting, so I can click, you know, download on that one. I can do, you know, this one’s pretty good, you know this one right here, you just wanna do five? Okay, so let me go ahead and finish up right here.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step Five

Alright, so there we have it. So I went ahead and downloaded those five photos. Now we wanna go to another free website Called Canva.com. Now, if you don’t have an account, you just wanna create one, it’s free. And once you’re on here, we want to type in right here. We want to do a mobile video. And you, once you click right there, okay?

This is gonna be the template and the format that we’re gonna use for this powerful method. Now you can choose a specific template. Now I’m just gonna use this one right here. So we just wanna select whatever template you want. It doesn’t matter, but I’m gonna select this one right here. And then what we wanna do is we now want to upload those five photos.

So go to uploads right here. And then we just wanna click upload files. Now, once they’re uploaded right here, we want to add six pages here. So go ahead and just add six more pages. We’re not gonna change this title page yet, I’ll share it with you in a second. So just do one. 3, 4, 5, 6. So now we have six different slides.

Now for this first title, what we want to do is we want to remove that image right there, and you can look at just an element, or you can even just do a color. Okay, so for this example, we’re just gonna do color and it doesn’t matter. I can choose, you know that color right there. Now for the title, what we want to do is we want to remove that one and we want to title.

What we found right here. Okay, so see how I said top five Money Affirmations. If it was top five weight loss tips, that could be your title, but for this example, I’m gonna do top five Money affirmations. Now you can go ahead and change this up to make it fit. Okay? I can make that like this and I can center it.

Now if you actually wanna change the font, you can go here and you can go ahead and play around with it. So you just wanna make it fit just like that and center it. Now, once we do that, the next thing is we want to click on this next page.

And what you want to do is you want to go to your uploads where you upload it and just click that first image and you want to drag it so it fills up the entire box right there, and you can center it just like that. Now, what we wanna do in this first image is we want to open up the first affirmation First tip.

And we want to copy that. And then what we want to do is want to click the text and we want to add a text box, just like that. We want to paste in the first piece of text and you can go ahead and put it somewhere in the photo where it’s visible. Now, what you could also do to make it pop more is you can go to effects.

I can go down and I can go background. Okay? Just like that. And I can change to, you know, maybe red or blue. Just like that. That’s looking pretty darn good. So you are a money magnet. The next thing we wanna do is go to the next. If you want to go to uploads, click the next photo and you want to drag it.

Just like that. Make sure it fills the entire thing. Go to text block. Boom. Next one Like that. And again, you can go ahead and drag it. You can add the background just like this. And that’s looking pretty darn good. Now I’m gonna go ahead and. Finish the rest with the rest of the affirmations, and I’ll join you in a second.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step Six

Okay, so I went ahead and created all those slides. The next step is we want to click on this last page and we want to go to Okay, color like that. And then, I can just click right here to add a title. And we just wanna do a call to action. Now, it’s gonna depend on what product you’re promoting, but for this, I can say discover the fastest way to manifest money or the fastest way to lose.

Or the fastest way to, you know, whatever it is you’re doing. And then I can say, click the link in the bio. Now this will all make sense as you keep watching, as I said, and then you just wanna drag it to the middle. Boom. So now what we want to do is to make this even better, what we can do is we can go ahead.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step Seven

And add some music. So if I go to uploads and I go to audio, what we can do is we can upload some music now to find royalty-free music. You can go to the YouTube audio library. So they have all these different songs and these are royalty-free. So if I find one that I like, let’s say this one, I can go ahead and download it right there to my computer or wherever I’m doing this method.

Then I just wanna go to upload files and I wanna up upload that audio to this video. So it uploaded right there, and then I can just click that and it will automatically add. As you can see right here, we wanna make sure that it builds the entire video. So we can go ahead and just drag.

Okay, so it’s the full video like that. And now I can go ahead and play a little bit of this video so you can see what it looks like.

So that’s pretty darn good, right? In a matter of minutes. And you’ll get this faster and faster as you do this more and more. And then of course, as it gets to the very end of the video, they’ll see this call to action. Okay, so now once you’re done, you just wanna click share and you just want to download to your device.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step Eight

Okay, so once it’s downloaded to your device, you have some different options where you can post this and start getting free automated traffic and sales. One place is TikTok, okay? So you can create a TikTok account around that niche and you can go ahead and start posting these videos and you can start getting traffic views and sales from TikTok.

Another amazing Is Instagram. So you can go to Instagram and you can share those videos as reels, and some of them get quite a bit of view. Or you can create a niched YouTube channel like this one. You go ahead and post videos every single day, taking just a few minutes each day around that Specific niche.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step Nine

Now, if you wanna do YouTube, want to go and upload the video after you’ve created the channel and you can go ahead and select that video from your computer. Okay, so I’ve gone ahead and selected it. It’s uploading right now. And what you wanna do is you want to title it something.

You can do the same title, top Five Money Affirmations. Now you can add a few words after it to make it more clickbait, so people wanna click it. Top five Money Affirmations you must use. And then you always wanna add the hashtag shorts because this is a YouTube short. And this will start ranking the hashtag shorts.

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing: Step Ten

Now for description, you want to actually go back here, go to your shortened affiliate link, and then put in, you know, click here for my top way to manifest money. You know, enter that right there and then go down. And the cool thing you can do is you can go to tags, and you can do is can put in tags.

That other top videos are using. So what you can do is you can go to a tool called Vidiq. You can install this if you have a Google Chrome browser. And then what you can do is you can search for a video, let’s say this one in the health and fitness niche. I can search this video and you can see they have their affiliate link here.

So they’re actually doing this method and I can see their video tags with VidIQ and I can go ahead and copy their tags and just go back here and I can paste in their exact tags and I know they’re. Because this video was ranking very high for this keyword. So if I use similar tags, I’ll probably rank as well and then I can go ahead and start to generate tons of traffic and sales.


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