Earn $350/Day With CPA Marketing For Beginners in 2023

Earn $350/Day With CPA Marketing For Beginners in 2023

In this article, I will show you how to start making money with CPA Marketing without building an email list, building your audience, building your YouTube channel, and a website. Because I know that most of you watching this don’t wanna do this full-time. You just wanna test if this works and if you can maybe make some money with it. And so I will show you two different traffic sources that require. Less than 20 minutes to set up. So if that’s something you wanna see, then make sure to read the full article carefully.

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What is CPA Marketing?

What is CPA Marketing

Now, first of all, what is CPA Marketing? Because to make money with it, you need to understand what it is, because there are a lot of people that wanna make a lot of money with it, but are too lazy to even learn. CPA marketing is, so first of all, CPA stands for cost per action. And to put this into simple words, in most cases, all you have to do is refer people to your link where they just have to, in most cases, become qualified leads by entering their email address or full name, or phone number.

And they don’t have to spend any money for you who make a commission. And that’s the difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing. So with affiliate marketing, you also have to refer people to your link, but they. Purchase something for you to make some money to earn a commercial.
But with CPA Marketing, you also refer people to your referral link. But in most cases, they don’t have to spend any money. They just need to enter their email address, their phone number, or their full name. It depends on the offer you’re promoting, but in my personal opinion, it’s a lot easier to make someone sign up for a website where they don’t have to spend.

Then to make them buy something or spend their money. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love affiliate marketing. I’ve been using it for years and I’m making quite a bit of money every single month with affiliate marketing. But I just think that it’s a lot easier to start with CPA marketing.

CPA marketing: Step One

CPAGrip.com  Content Locking and Incentive Affiliate Network

So step number one is to find the right CPA platform for yourself there are a lot of amazing options out there. And of my favorites is CPAgrip. So you can choose any of them. They all pretty much work the same. The thing is that some of these are only available in a couple of countries. Some of these are available in like Europe, and some of these are only available in like US and all the top year countries.
So just find which of these networks works for you and use that one. And also keep in mind, Once again, most of them pretty much work the same. All I have to do is go to the search bar and start for searching, start searching for offers that I wanna promote.

CPA marketing: Step Two

cpagrip offers

So you can maybe search for the different niches or specific offers which you wanna find on this particular marketplace. So for example, let’s say I know. Survey types of offers can work well. I can search for surveys and grab the offer, which I want to promote. Now, the reason I’m saying that I noted survey type of offers do pretty well with CPA marketing is that you are referring people to a platform where they can sign up for free and potentially start making money by completing surveys like obvious.

So that’s why I said, uh, this can work pretty well and you can see that some of these offers, it’ll pay you like $2.5 per person. Some of these will pay you over a dollar per person. And so on. But also keep in mind that some of these are available only in specific countries. So you can maybe promote this offer only in us.

This one is available in the US, so you can grab your link from all over the world, but the people that you’re referring to through this platform have to be from us. But don’t worry because later I will show you how to target a specific country so you can get the right referrals to your link.

CPA marketing: Step Three

So this is a giveaway that we are promoting, and in this case, I would get paid $2.5 per person that I refer to the platform. So all you have to do is select the offer, and see if that’s something you want to promote. Go through the platform, see the preview page, and you will instantly be able to grab your affiliate link, which is once again not the case with CPAgrip.

So all we gotta do is copy this link and now you can start sending people to the. If they sign up, you’ll get paid, in this case, $2.5 per person, which may not seem like a lot, but that can quickly add up since, as I said, it’s a lot easier to make someone sign up to a free platform than to make them buy something or spend their money, especially if the platform they’re signing up to has a potential to make them some money or they have a potential to win some gift card or whatsoever.

CPA marketing: Step Four

And the final step is to just get the traffic to your referral links. You can start making money and there will be two different traffic sources that I wanna share with you. The first one will require a small investment, and the second one is completely free. So you can choose whichever option you prefer, but I think that this first option which does require a small investment is a lot better and a lot easier to set up.

Step One

google search

So the first traffic source that I wanna share with you, is Google itself. So if you go to Google and you search, for example, visa gift card giveaway, that’s gonna show that some websites are showing up, but there is no ad, no one has posted an ad when someone searches for Visa gift card, a giveaway.
So there is space for us to rank number one on Google when someone searches for like, a PayPal gift card, or a giveaway. Just imagine having your referral link at the top of the Google search. Where there are thousands and thousands of targeted people searching for that. And you can test this out with whatever CPA offer you wanna promote.

google ads

It doesn’t necessarily need to be the Visa gift card giveaway whatsoever. So what you will need to do is you will need to head over to Google Ads. So if you haven’t already there, sign up for Google Ads. Select the website traffic. Select Search and paste your affiliate link and your CPA link in this box.
So let’s say, for example, this is. Referral CPA link. Now just click continue. Give your campaign a name and don’t worry, no one is gonna see this except you. So we only wanna focus on Google’s search network. So as you can see, ads will appear near Google.

Step Two

The last traffic source before I show you how I make money with affiliate marketing. And I will share that. For completely free. You will not have to enter your email address or anything, so that’s gonna be at the end of this article.

But before that, the second traffic source that I wanna show you requires no investment, but it will need to use a tool, a free tool called Sniply. And this is already Sniply. Sniply will allow you to add a call to action to any link out there, to some blog, post article, or any other. So what you will need to do is you’ll need to collect on getting Star four phrase so you can sign up for Sniply.


And once you do just sign in. And once you sign up to Sniply, go back to Google. And now this time you’ll not have to pay for any Google ads, just want you to search for websites related to your offer. So find websites, blogs, and articles that provide a free value in that specific niche, whether your offer.
Fitness, whether it’s about gaming, fishing, or whatever it is. In this case, it’s all about giveaways and PayPal Gift Cards. So for example, I can search for the best giveaway websites and I can maybe grab this article right here. So it says like, top 18 websites to post your contest or something like that. So I have a copy, of my link address.


For that article, for that blog post, I will go back to Sniply. I will paste that link into this box. And as you can see, that will allow me to add my call to action at the bottom of this website so I can add some messages right here. So, for example, I can type in a $750 PayPal Gift Card giveaway. And then I can also type in, click here to sign up, or something like that.

And then the button URL will be the referral link that you grabbed from like CPA Link or any other CPA network. Just paste that link into this box. So whenever someone reads this, when they come over to this website using your sniper link, they will go through the website, and they will be reading. Through that free article, you will also be able to see this call to action at the bottom that says, in this case, $1,000 is a gift card giveaway.

Click to sign up. And when they click, they can sign up through your referral link. So you will earn a commission and you’ll see exactly why we are using it simply as a middleman instead of just sending people. To your referral link. So with that being said, once you have pasted your referral link in this box, just click continue and copy this sneaky link.

CPA marketing: Step Five

So now whenever someone goes to this link, let me show you what they will be able to see. So they will be able to go through this article through this blog post, but they will also be able to see our call to action at the bottom of the website and they can click here to sign up through. CPA link, and now you just need to share your Sniply link with other people online.

So for example, you can join different Facebook groups in your niche. Maybe I can personally join different giveaway types of groups or make money online groups and share my link over there. I can say like, Hey guys. These are 18 different websites where you can find different giveaways. Here’s a link, and I’m just sharing an article with those people, so I’m providing some free value.

So they’ll be thankful, but they will also be able to see that call to action at the bottom of the sneakier link. And one of the reasons why you’re not sending them directly to your referral link is because of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or. Will not allow you to do that. So you can’t just grab your referral link from like CPA Elite or F Plus or Volt or any other CPA network, and you can’t just publish it through Facebook or send it to someone, send it to someone directly through Facebook.

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