Earn $950/Day with This CPA Affiliate Marketing Trick

Earn $950/Day with This CPA Affiliate Marketing Trick

This CPA affiliate marketing strategy to make money online is a little bit weird, but it makes almost a thousand dollars a day in pure passive income, and you can set this up without a website, without social media followers, and without investing any money because it’s free. No, because we will be using some platforms that we never used before.

You must pay close attention to every single Step in every single second of this article because if you skip through the article, you will probably get confused and lost and you will not make any money.

cpa affiliate marketing
CPA affiliate marketing

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CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step One


First things first. If you wanna create a free Instagram page, go to Instagram, sign up for free, and create a free account.

Now, don’t worry, you don’t need any social media followers as a. That. As you can see, my page has zero followers. I’m not following anyone. I have zero posts and I will still be able to make money with this account right here. So just install the Instagram app to your smartphone device, which is available for both iOS and Android, or just go to instagram.com, sign up for absolutely free, and then name your page in the niche of giving away.

So we will be in into the giveaway niche, and that’s why my username is I’m Giveaway Bus, and the name of this page is Giveaway Bus. So you want to enter something related to giving away. Now, don’t worry, you will not have to give away anything yourself. This is free. And once again, you don’t need any followers.

CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step Two


The next thing you wanna do is you wanna go through LinkTree. And once again, remember, you don’t need any Instagram followers. Just go to link tree.com, then click on Get Started for free to sign up. Two link trees for absolutely free, which is kind of like a landing page builder that will allow you to stock different links so you can make money completely passively.

Now, this is a strategy that we never talked about before, so pay close attention to every single step. Now, First things first, we’ll choose a username for our length tree account, and I will type something related to giveaways. So maybe I’m gonna go with a giveaway. Right here or something like that.

I’m just gonna enter random keywords. Let’s just go with GW Bus, which stands for Giveaway Bus. Then enter their email address in this box, create a password, read their terms and conditions in the privacy policy, and if you agree with that, just take this box and click sign up with email. Now you will choose a plan for yourself.

You don’t necessarily need to pay anything, so just select the free plan, which is $0, select a $0 plan, and click on signup for free. Now you can continue to link trade, and of course, just don’t forget to verify your account. So just open up your email and click on verify email.

CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step Three


Copy your username and then go to oke.io. This is ok.io and this is a link-shortening service. They will pay you whenever someone clicks on your link, so people don’t have to buy anything. They don’t have to sign up for anything. They just need to click on your link, which was short, and through oke.io, and you will get paid.

Now if you’re wondering why these guys are paying you this much money just. Clicks are because when someone clicks on the Oke.io shortened link, they will be first redirected to some landing page with different ads and they can just skip those ads. And that’s how Oke. it will make money and they will just play the out revenue with you.

And that’s like the complicated part. You don’t need to know that. All you gotta know is that all you have to do is sign up the ok.io by clicking on the signup button right here. Create a username for your account. Enter your email address, create a password, click on I’m neither robot and submit that.

CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step Four


Now, once you sign up, this is how your account is going to look like. So this is the dashboard where you can track how many clicks you’ve gotten and how much money you’ve been paid.

And if you’re wondering how to withdraw money from ok.io, once you start making some money, all you have to do is go oath, duty withdraw Action right there. And you can click withdraw and you will be paid instantly. But anyways, to get started with oke.io, you want to paste your Instagram page link in this box.

CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step Five


So the link that we previously copied. And click on Shorten. Now, that will give you the shortened version of this same link, but remember, when someone clicks on this link, you’ll make money and they will be redirected back to this Instagram page. So you wanna copy this shortened link? And the reason you wanna do that is that now we will go back to link the.

So log into your Link tree account once again, and then click on add a new link over here. And then right here, paste the URL of that oke.io link. And in the title, Put in step number one and you will see exactly why we are doing this. But step number one, and step number one are gonna be following this page.

Now you wanna click on add a new link. You wanna put this above, so this is step number one, and then the title number two is gonna be the step number through and you will see what that is gonna be.

CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step Six


Now before we proceed to finish our landing page with a linktree, you will only go over to a platform called CPALead. CPALead is a CPA affiliate marketing marketplace where you can find lots of different CPA affiliate marketing offers. And CPA stands for cost per action, which means that you will be referring people to some offers where all they gotta do is enter their email address and you will get paid. They don’t have to buy anything, they just need to become qualified leads, and you will get paid.

CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step Seven


So just sign up for CPA leave by filling out these boxes, and clicking submits information. You’ll instantly be able to log in through your brand-new account. Once you log in, this is what you will be able to see. And here on the. Side, I want you to select offers, and now you can start browsing different offers that are available in the CPA lead marketplace.

And here on the right-hand side, you can see exactly how much you will be paid for promoting each offer. And you can see that in some of these offers, you’ll pay like a dollar just for singles. Signup that you get. And remember, in most cases, all they gotta do is enter your email address. They don’t have to spend any money, and it’s a lot easier to make someone sign up for free than to make them buy something.

Like, for example, in this case, they can install some apps and have a chance to win $350. And just for them to install this app. You’ll get paid 85 cents, which may not seem like a lot, but just imagine thousands of people wanting to sign up because they can win a few hundred and $50. Or in this case, this is a $750 cash-up giveaway.

So just select which offer you wanna promote. In this case, I’ll be promoting this $750 giveaway so people will have a chance. $750 in cash app by signing up through my affiliate link.

CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step Eight

linktree dashbord

So you want to copy your affiliate link, right? Here. Now you want to go back to linktree and add a new link, which is gonna be the final step in this case.

Of course, the more steps you have, the higher your chances of making more money, you will have. But I’ll just skip it simply and go with step number three, which is to submit your entry here, and then I’ll paste my affiliate link. In this box. So now instead of sending people directly to the CPA offer to that giveaway, we will be sending them to this landing page first.

I mean, even if we just send them directly to this CPA link right here, to the CPA offer, it’s still okay. You will make 58 cents per person, but with this, you will maximize your results and you will get a lot more clicks, a lot more signups, and make a lot more money. And the reason for that is, This landing page will make them sign up and click on different links.

CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step Nine

They will make you money. So the goal of this landing page is to look like this is the giveaway. This is the giveaway page, and if you enter the giveaway, they need to go with step number one, which is to follow your page. And when they click on that link, remember, oke.io will pay you for that Click.

Not only that, but you will get some followers on your Instagram page and you can then use that Instagram page to drive more traffic and make a lot more money. You can then send your followers from. The Instagram page is direct to some CPA offers. If you want to view that. And with this, you can even build a sustainable online business that can not only make you money once, but again and again and again, and you can do the same thing with step number two.

Maybe step number two is gonna be like, like this Instagram post, and then once again, shorten the oke.io link. Pays that URL in this box. So they will go through these steps, which is step number one and follow the page. Now you got a follower. Okay? Step number two, like this Instagram post now. Now they will start engaging with your Instagram post.

And step number three is to enter the giveaway, they will submit their entry here. And once they click on that, that’s gonna be your affiliate link that’s gonna send them to that CP lead offer. And. Enter the giveaway, and you will get paid, but in this case, both oke.io and CPA Lead will be paying you for those clicks.

CPA Affiliate Marketing: Step Ten

facebook groups

Next, I want you to copy your link, which is gonna be right here. You can click on the share button, and you can copy your link with one click of a button, and you can maybe go to Facebook and search for giveaways and filter that by groups. And that’s gonna show you groups that have thousands of members, 40,000 members, 36,000, 15,000 members.

30,000 members and so on. And those are all the people interested in joining different giveaways. So you can join these groups, join all of them and tell them, Hey guys, you can find a new giveaway on this landing page right here, and just send them your linktree link so they can enter the giveaway. And they will be thankful because you are sending them to a landing page where they can add their giveaway and that’s what they’re interested in.

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And you will be thankful because you’ll be making lots of money in the back. And this is a great passive income strategy. If you’re completely new to the online business world, this is how you can start making some initial money online. I hope you got some value out of this Earn $950/Day with This CPA Affiliate Marketing Trick article, and I will see you in the next.

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