Make Money From Copy Pasting FREE Photos

Easiest Way To Make Money From Copy Pasting FREE Photos in 2023

This article discusses a new side hustle idea that helps you make money online easily. It’s made for complete beginners, and it’s all about to Make Money From Copy Pasting FREE Photos. Well, there’s a brand new tool out there that anyone can use to make a significant passive income just by copy-pasting photos. And we will waste no time because I can’t wait to share this with you so you can start earning as well.

Make Money: Step Number One

Make Money From Copy Pasting FREE Photos

You will need to go Pexels. Paxels is a library of millions copyright free photos and videos. You can type in the keyword and get access to loads of content which you can use free of charge since it has created comments a license. So today I will show you how to use these photos with one free tool to make thousands of dollars from anywhere in the world because it works for the world.

And since all of this can be done with just your phone only, you can just imagine the new lifestyle. This can bring you spending less than 30 minutes a day on your phone and making enough money for new experiences, traveling, eating out new clothes, and much more.

Make Money: Step Number Two

Before you go over to this tool, which is gonna help you Make Money From Copy Pasting FREE Photos on complete autopilot, you need to decide which category, and which niche you wanna focus on, so you can get those photos from

and you can use any of these categories from animals and pads, all the way down to business investment, computers and internet dancing, music, dating, education, fitness, health languages, social media, software, sports, and so forth. You can select any of these categories you prefer and a highly recommend you choose and focus on the one that you like, and that you are personally interested in.

So this is gonna be a fun process for you so you can make this. And just as an example, I will be using the business finance and make money online niche, the make money online category. And of course, you can select whatever you want from that list. And that’s step number two, choose your niche, choose your category.

Make Money: Step Number Three

pexels photo download

Now you will need to go back to and it’s. Search for your category, and search for your niche. In this case, that’s gonna be business finance and making money online so I can search, for instance, a business. I will type in the keyword in this box and I will search for it. Now, that’s gonna give me loads of different business-related photos, copyright free, which I can use on any other platform.

And these are all free. You don’t even have to create an account on to download all of these photos. Full license to use them for a lifetime without any attribution to the author. All I have to do is click on it, click on free download, and it will be immediately downloaded to my computer.
And that’s step number three. Go to paxels search for your niche and download as many high-quality photos as you possibly can. Download at least 20 of those images from your niche.

Make Money: Step Number Four


Now you will need to start using this tool that we never talked about earlier, but it will make you some money on incomplete autopilot just by copying and pasting those photos, and you will see exactly how that.

Now, this is over at the Omnilink. Omni Link is a tool that acts as a landing page builder for different links, and it’s free to sign up for it. You can see one link, endless traffic and endless. Most of the features on this website are limitless. So you will see exactly how it works, a unified space for your right direction.
Stop wasting time updating links in your bio. Create a unique and customizable landing page, and drive maximum traffic to any URL. Click on the sign-up button, either right here or the sign-up button, which is gonna be at the bottom of the page.

Sign up right there so you can create a free account. As you can see, you will sign up for free. Enter your valid ML address in this box. Create a password. Confirm and enter that same password. You can leave this box blank and just tick this box so you can tell them that you agree and you accept their terms of use in the privacy policy, which you can read by clicking on some of these two links.

Make Money: Step Number Five

Instagram profile

Now you will need to go over to Instagram or install the Instagram app on your smartphone device. It’s of course available for both iOS and Android. And I guess, and I guess most of you guys already have this app on your smartphone device.

Anyways, once you’ve signed up to Instagram, you want to create a brand new account and you want to create a. All around your niche and your category. In this case, I would need to create a page that is all around business, that is all around finance, and making money online. In your case, that might be gaming or whatever category or niche you have chosen.

So if the category, which you picked at the beginning of this article was cooking, then make your page to be all around. Cooking. If the category you chose at the beginning of this article was weight loss and fitness, then create your page to be all-around weight loss and fitness. And you can get an idea for your page from either bigger pages and look for those pages and, for those accounts, you’ll just go to the search bar and search for that keyword.

If you want to look, if you wanna create an account all around weight loss and. Fitness, then just search for weight loss or fitness. Find big pages that are doing well and just create a brand in your account. You will set up a nice profile picture, a decent username, and a nice bio.

Make Money: Step Number Six

Once you set up your account, you want to start basing those photos on So just start uploading them to your account, your brand new account. So just upload as many of them as you possibly can.

Just copy them from and re-upload them back to your account. Repeat the process again and again. It’s really easy, it’s really simple, and you can just do it in less than five. You can also add different hashtags just so you can attract targeted people.

Make Money: Step Number Seven


Now you need some links to put onto your Omnia Link account. And to do so, you will need to head over to a website called Digistore24. This is an affiliate marketplace where you can grab thousands of different products from all the different categories, from those, from all those niches. So whatever you have selected, chances are you’ll be able to find a suitable product on this website.

So even if you’re in the weight loss niche, you can find products, and affiliate products, which you can promote and earn in commissions. Even if you’re in the cooking niche, you can find cooking products as well.

Now it’s free to sign up so you can create a brand new account. Set up your account in less than two minutes and login into your brand-new account. Once you sign up for your brand-new account on Digistore24. There on the left-hand side, you will be able to browse different categories and thousands of different products, which you can promote and earn decent commissions.

So as you can see, even if you’re in the fitness and health niche, you have that category here on. Sites, you can select that even if you are in the personal development niche, you can choose that as well. Photography, social media, sports, education, family and kids dating, love, and relationships. It’s all available here on Digistore24.

It’s free to promote those products and you can earn commissions without doing any hard work.
Now, of course, you can choose and promote any offer you want through. That can be any product from digistore24, that you think is suitable for your page, which is suitable for your niche, and which is gonna make you a decent amount of money.

If you’re promoting it and all you have to do to start promoting some products from Digistore24 is to click on the Promote Now button right here, and that’s gonna give you your unique particular link, which you can copy. You can copy that link and it will take people to the landing page where they can sign up for the product, where they can buy the product, and you will earn a commission completely passively without having to create a product yourself without having to sell anything and without having to deliver anything.

Make Money: Step Number Eight


Now you will need to set up your Omnilink properly so you can start making money on an incomplete autopilot. To do so, you’ll first of all need to customize your link. So right there, you can enter a keyword to make your link look more appealing and more professional.

Then the display name should also be something related to your page, or at least something related to your category, whether weight loss, cooking, fishing, gaming, or business finance. Whatever it is now, you can also customize your account by adding a profile picture, cover photo, and different social links if you want to.

You can, of course, customize the colors, the font, and the text. It’s fully customizable. But actionable steps are to click on this, plus I can write here, click on text and links. Enter the title for your link to be something along the lines of the vest, and then your niche offer, or at least create a call to action that will make people click on the link.

Then you can also write a brief description and click add a new link. And in this box where it says link one, I want you to. Paste that affiliate link, which you’ve grabbed from Digistore24. Also, make sure to enter the link title.

Now the more products you add, the more money you’ll be able to make. So that’s the beauty of this tool. It’s going to allow you to sell not only one product, not only one affiliate offer, but you can add five or 10 different affiliate offers. And that way five x or 10 x your. Because if someone doesn’t like this offer, they can choose.

Make Money: Step Number Nine

Make sure you have at least five different affiliate links on your account. That way you will make five times more money than if you are promoting just one single offer. After that hit next. Now you can, of course, fully customize it by changing the colors, the font, and even the title size. I like black and white. Now you can start sending people to this landing page where they can see my call to action. And then instant access to different offers, that you are promoting.

And whenever someone clicks on them, someone clicks on this offer, that’s gonna take them to the sales page where they can enroll in some program. And you are gonna get paid decent commissions. In this case, that’s gonna be 100 and. $50 per referral. So this is quickly going to add up.

So what you need to do is copy that omnilink so you can start sharing it. When you send people to that link, they can sign up for all of these different offers. It’s simple as that.

Make Money: Step Number Ten

Let’s now start driving traffic to this landing page so you can finally start making money on incomplete autopilot. And the final step is to just edit your pro. And add that Omnilink into your bio and add a call to action above it so all of the people coming to your account can see that can click on that link. They will be resurrected to the landing page where they can access different programs so you can make money. So you can make those affiliate commissions on incomplete autopilot. And this is a lot more powerful than if you are promoting only one affiliate link.

Now you’re promoting multiple Offers. So not only can they choose from those offers, and, if they don’t like some, they can also buy multiple programs.
And so once you add that omnilink into your bio, I want you to search for different big pages within your niche for different big pages in your category. Open up some of those pages and I will start following people who follow them because those guys are most likely to follow back since they’re already following the page within my niche.

It’s proven that they’re interested in something like that. It’s proven that these guys are interested in business finance. And they are making money online. So they will probably check my page or at least follow back. So this is a long-term project. This is a long-term strategy to make money online, but once you get it established, you can make some decent passive income every single day.

Once you have all of this ready, you’ll have a. Sustainable online business on which you can rely and you can attract a lot of people. It’s not gonna be easy to do this, but it’s gonna pay off if you stay consistent with it. If you don’t give up on the strategy and make sure to keep copy-pasting those paxels photos so you can keep people engaged on your platform.

The more posts you have, the higher chance. Following you back there are. So just keep repeating that same process. Keep following people that are following big pages in your niche and keep copy-pasting those paxels photos on a regular daily basis. And eventually, once you’ve established this online business, it’s going to become a, really, Good passive income stream.

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