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Facebook Affiliate Marketing In 2023 – Copy Paste This & Make $4k PER Week!

In this article, I’m gonna reveal an incredibly powerful five-minute free Facebook Affiliate Marketing method that will allow you to generate $4,000 or more per week, even if you don’t have a website, a following, or any experience online. Now, I’m literally gonna share every single one. Step as far as how to find a good converting product to promote, how to find viral videos that you can use without even having to create your own content yourself.

So now this method is all about copying and pasting On Facebook. You can see that there are all these different videos.

Now, this is in the dog. This method can work in any single niche you wanna promote products in. But you can see, you know, this funny dog video got 1.2 million views. I mean, you can see this one right here. Try not to laugh. 1.9 million views. And like I said, I’m gonna share with you exactly how to find Videos you can use as your own.

facebook affiliate marketing
Facebook affiliate marketing

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: Step One

Get tons of views and start to get free traffic so you can make money even while you’re sleeping. So the very first step is we need to actually find a product to promote. There are a lot of places to go. One place is clickbank.com.

So you just wanna click start here. If you don’t have an account, you go ahead and register, and once inside your back office, you want to click this marketplace. And they have all these different categories and different niches. As I said, it works in any single niche. But for this video, we’re actually going to go up here and you can just type in something like dogs, okay?

Because we’re gonna be promoting in the funny dog niche. And uh, you can see right here sort results by it. We want to do gravity on ClickBank. This shows us the best-selling products at the very top of the page. And this one does not have to do with dogs. So we can see this one right here, brain training for dogs, a gravity score of 94, which is pretty good.

Anything. 30 is pretty good and it gives you an average conversion amount of $31 per referral, which is not bad. So once we find a product, if you’re using ClickBank, you want to click Promote here, you can click Create Hoplink, and then you can actually go and copy this affiliate link here.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: Step Two

Now the next thing we’re gonna want to do is go over to a free site called Tinyurl.com. And once you’re on this site, what this site does is it shortens affiliate links and makes them more attractive. So all we have to do is just put in that long affiliate link and click make tiny URL, and then we can go ahead and click copy. And it’s gonna copy this link. Now, once people go to this link right here, it’s gonna redirect them to our affiliate link.

It’s just shortening the link. You can see this has to do with dogs. Okay, this is very relevant. Now you can open up a notepad file and you can actually put in that tiny URL, shortened link because we’re gonna use it in a little bit.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: Step Three

So the next thing you want to do is in order to post these videos that go viral right here, you need to have a Facebook fan page.

So to do that, you just go to Facebook. Chances are you probably have a Facebook profile. You can just click the pages tab, and then there’s gonna be a button to click to create a fan page. Okay? So once you do, it will take you to a page like this for the page. You can make it relevant to the niche you’re in.

So I could do the best funny dog videos or Something like that category. You can, you know, type in like Animals and pets. Just choose a category. Bio is optional and then you can just click create the page.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: Step Four

And what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna be able to find other people’s videos and use them as our own. So one amazing place to find viral videos we can use as our own is TikTok. TikTok is very popular. You can just go to the very top and then just type in funny dogs, weight loss, or making money, whatever niche you’re in.

And we just searched for that. Now what we’re gonna do are we? See it has videos. We wanna click that and we wanna see the videos that get a lot of views. Typically, they’re gonna be at the top of the page. It says 33 million views, which is incredible. 23 million. So what we wanna do is we wanna open up one of these videos right here, and you can see right here it says copy link.

We want to copy that link right there and put it in our notepad file. Now we’re gonna use. In a few minutes. The other thing you want to do is you want to actually note the person profile that actually posted this video. So we can just copy that and we want to go here, and then we can just put it right under, okay?

So we know that that video came from this person. The next thing we want to do is we want to get a few videos, Two to three videos. The goal is to get enough where it will last two to three minutes because, on Facebook fan pages, these videos are pretty good.

Okay, so we want to find a few more. Okay, so I can just open up, you know this one right here, it really doesn’t matter. Copy link. Put it in there. Enter And then we just wanna, again, to copy this person’s username. Now, another cool thing you can do is, rather than just going to TikTok, you can also find videos like this on Instagram.

So if you go to Instagram, what you’re gonna do is just go to the search bar here and we just want to type in funny dogs, the same thing you typed in on TikTok. We just wanna search that in. You can find a profile like Funny dog clips and chances are they will have funny clips. Okay? So I can open this up.

I can make sure it’s pretty funny. Okay, so you know, a cute dog falling over if you love it. Is a pretty cute and funny video that should get a lot of shares. We also can look, you know, make sure that you know, quite a few people are liking this. Okay, so this is a popular post, and then we just can go to the very top of the page and click that link and then just put it there.

And then we want to hit enter a few times and then we want to copy this. The person’s profile is right there, the name of it. And then paste it in like that.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: Step Five

Now, once we have a few different videos, the next thing we want to do is we want to go over to a site called tiktok video downloader.

What this does is this will allow you to download TikTok videos without a watermark, okay? Which is pretty amazing. So we just go to our notepad file and. TikTok links. We wanna actually copy, we want to paste that in and then hit download. And then you can download that to your phone, or if you’re doing it on a computer, and then I click download.

Download another video we go through, copy this one, go there, paste, and download. And again, we’re just downloading this to our device and we just click download there. Okay, so both videos are downloaded now for Instagram videos.

We can open up the Instagram video that we found and we can just put it on this site. And we’re basically just downloading these videos from Instagram and TikTok.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: Step Six

Now, once the videos are downloaded, you can just go to a free site called canva.com, and you can just, in this search bar type Mobile videos. Once you do that and you search, as you can see, I searched it there. You’ll see all these different templates, but we can just go ahead and click create a blank mobile video. Now, the reason we wanna do this is we want to actually combine the videos that we downloaded into one longer video.

So what I can do is I can actually go over here to uploads and I can click upload the file and then choose those videos from my computer or my. Okay, so once these are uploaded, all you have to do is just click on one of them and it will appear. We just wanna drag it out so it fills the entire video like that, and then we can just click add a page, and then we just click the next video, and then we just stretch this out.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: Step Seven

So it fits, right? So now if we were to play, this entire video is already a lot. You can see it’s combined now. It’s a minute long. As I said, you wanna get to at least two to three minutes to make sure you have the best chance for this video to go viral. So I would upload maybe one, or two more. And then what you wanna do is you want to click on the first video, okay?

And you want to go here and you wanna see what account posted that. And we won’t actually copy this, and then we want to go here and we just want to click the text and we wanna do add a subhead. And we want to do credit, we want to type this in credit TikTok. Okay. And then we put in the name of the account.

Okay, so if I put it down here and I actually make it bold, okay, you can see right there, if I zoom in, it has the credit. Okay? So when we actually do this, we’re giving the credit. So we’re actually able to use these videos. And then you just want to click the next clip. And again, if you wanna add a subheading, you can go through add, and do the same.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: Step Eight

Now for Instagram, you would just do the same thing, okay? And you would just say Credit Instagram, okay? And then you’d put in the person’s name and then you can drag it to the bottom. Now, once you do that for all the videos, you then just want to click share, and you want to actually go down to download, and then you just download the video to your computer or phone.

Now, once you do that, all you have to do is go back to your Facebook fan page and go down here. Upload that photo or video. Okay, so I’m gonna go ahead and click this and select that video. Okay. So I went ahead and uploaded the video to my Facebook fan page, imagining that this Facebook fan page is in the dog niche as I showed how to create.

And then you just want to write a headline here. Okay. Now you can make it somewhat clickbait so I can say something like, you know, whoa, you won’t believe what happened What this dog did. This dog did, okay. Something like that. And you can actually do an emoji and you can. An emoji that’s gonna get someone’s attention.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing: Step Nine

So I can do an emoji like this one. Just like that. And then you can go ahead and enter, enter. And then here’s where we’re gonna start to make money. So this is gonna be a headline to get people’s attention. This video is already viral on other platforms, so we know it has a great chance to go viral.

Facebook, and then you just basically can say, boost your dog’s brain power here, or discover how to make money here, or discover how to lose weight fast here, whatever your product is. And then we just open this notepad. We get the tinyurl, the shortened link, and then you can just put it in right there. So basically what this will do is this will allow you to get tons of views, okay?

A lot of these videos are gonna start going viral and people will see this. They’ll click your link and they will start to go to your affiliate page. And because it’s high converting when they buy, you will start to rake in money. And it’s not unlikely to make thousands of dollars a week when you start to have a few videos going viral.


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