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How To Make Money On Tiktok In 2023 Without Showing Your Face

How To Make Money On Tiktok? In this article, I’m going to reveal exactly how to make money on TikTok in 2023 without showing your face, by just posting some free videos. So read this article to make money on TikTok.

make money on tiktok

Make Money On Tiktok: Step One


So what we’re going to be using to make money on TikTok is Digitstore24. So the very first step is you need to go to the digitstore24 and you need to register with an account now it’s free, but you just want to go to this top, and you want to click register now. Then fill out a username, and email password just fills out the simple information, and then click this blue button to register for free.

Make Money On Tiktok: Step Two

So once you’re here, you want to click this marketplace link there, and they have all these different categories or niches of products. I recommend you stick to three main categories, dating, love and relationships, internet marketing, and e-business, And then health and fitness.

The reason I do that is that these three are what’s called evergreen, meaning they’re always going to be relevant, and they’re always going to be able to make you money for many years to come.

Make Money On Tiktok: Step Three

digitstore24 affiliate product

Now, once you’re inside this category, they have all these different products that you can promote. Now, what I like to do is I like to sort results by popularity because that’s going to share some of the products that are selling the best on the digitstore24. So if we promote these products, we can make sales also.

Anything above $20 is going to be pretty good for this method. , so for the sake of this, I’m going to promote the ultimate keto meal plan, there’s going to be this affiliate link on the right here. so you want to copy that. And I like to save it to a notepad because we’re going to use this in a little bit. And we’re going to start getting people to click this link. And when people buy the product through our link, we’re going to be able to make 1000s of dollars very easily.

Make Money On Tiktok: Step Four

tiktok profile

Now once we have this product right here, the next thing we want to understand is if we go to a site like TikTok, which is incredibly popular right now, they have all these different profiles, just like this one. And you can see this one quotes, this is all about quotes, Notice this person is not even showing his face to make money on TikTok. But you can see they have all these different videos on here that are getting, you know, 2m views, 1m views, tons and tons of views, tons and tons of traffic. And all they’re doing is just posting a simple video with a quote.

So that’s all we’re gonna have to do, you don’t have to show your face, you’re gonna be able to create simple videos just like this and get massive traffic to your links, which will result in sales and money.

Make Money On Tiktok: Step Five


So what I like to do is I like to go to a site called Pexels. Now once you go to this site, you can go and you can sort and find different types of videos and photos.

I like to type in things like health and fitness if I’m promoting a health and fitness product, or you could type in something like landscape if you just want to get like a beautiful landscape. Now, these are all free to use.

Now, if I’m promoting a product and health and fitness, I could download, you know, this one right here. So this looks like a photo, of a woman. Now I can again, download that for free to my computer or my smartphone. And I can use this to create a very simple video on TikTok.

Make Money On Tiktok: Step Six

Now, once you’ve downloaded that to your computer, the next step is we want to go to Google. And we want to sort and look for quotes because Google has tons and tons of quotes. And all you have to do is type in a few words that have to do with the niche, the product you’re promoting is then followed by the word quotes.

So you can see right here, health and fitness quotes, they have all these different quotes that you can just swipe and deploy for what you want to do on your TikTok video.

Make Money On Tiktok: Step Seven


Now we go over to a website called Canva, You just create a free account. Once you’re inside your account. This is powerful. What you can do is you can search for TikTok and you want to go to TikTok video. So once you open that up, it’s going to take you to a page there.

Now you can just click create a blank TikTok video because what canvas allows you to do is create TikTok videos from different templates, and different, you know, photos that you don’t even have to create. It’s simple. It’s drag and drop.

Make Money On Tiktok: Step Eight

Now what we can do is we can upload the video/photo that we downloaded from pixels. so what you want to do is go to the left under uploads, you want to click that, and then you want to click upload media. Now, what we want to do now is we want to add some text, so you can just go to the left click text, and add a heading. And now what we want to do is we want to add in the quote that we got from google, now you can make this longer, so add 5/6 quotes. If you want to make it, you know, like 15 seconds, like most popular TikTok videos.

Make Money On Tiktok: Step Nine

So the first thing you want to understand is before you have 1000 followers on TikTok, you can’t put your link in here. So what you could do is you could do a couple of things, one, in your bio, you could tell people to follow you for more. And then you just want to post these until you get to 1000 followers, and because these are very popular videos, it shouldn’t take you very long to get to 1000 followers, and then you could put a link in your bio.

The other way you can do it is you can actually on here, you can create another text. And you can say, you know, for more info on losing weight go to, and then you can put in, you know, the affiliate link, you can do that as well. , but what I prefer you do is just build followers at first, and then once you have 1000 followers, you can put it in your bio.

Make Money On Tiktok: Step Ten

Now, when you put that link in your bio, you have a few different options. One is you can put the direct affiliate link, so we saved it to the notepad, you can just put that in your bio. And then when people click that, they’ll go to the affiliate offer. And because it’s targeted, because you’re going to be posting health and fitness quotes, that’s going to attract people interested in losing weight, and then you direct people to your bio, and then people will click that and a portion will buy and you’ll be able to generate income even while you’re sleeping.

And another one is you can use Linktree. Linktree is the largest link in bio tool used by over 30 million people and organizations around the world. Here you can add more than one affiliate marketing link and increase your earnings.


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