make 100 day with clickbank affiliate marketing

Make $100/Day With ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Inside this article, I’m gonna share with you how you can make $100/day with ClickBank affiliate marketing. If you follow me through this entire article, I’m gonna share with you how this can be possible.

What Is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing?

What Is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing
ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

We’re gonna be using, a technique called affiliate marketing. You go online, you find products, okay, that you don’t have to create, and then you just recommend people that already want those products, and when they buy that product through your customized link, you make money.

Okay? Again, this is called affiliate marketing, and it’s what I’ve been doing for the last five years to make a full-time income. But step one that I’m gonna share with you inside of this video is how to find products too. How to easily and for free find products that you can start promoting online.


So, This method works if you have no experience, you know, technical ability. I’m gonna share how you can get endless traffic. Okay? This is, again, just visitors to the product page. So when we’re promoting these products, it’s gonna come with a sales page that explains the product and sells it for us.

And you have to get visitors or traffic. That page and I’m gonna share with you a free way that you can do that. You don’t have to spend any money to, do paid advertising. And then I’m gonna share with you a method at the end to 10 x your earnings with this How to take it even to the next level.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step One


Let’s begin today’s tutorial. Now the methods of fine products that I’m personally gonna share with you is with Okay? So if you go to ClickBank, you’re gonna be able to see this page, and then you want to hit Create an account. Okay? If you don’t already have an account and then you just wanna sign up, takes only a few minutes Very simple to do.

And once you’re inside, you’re gonna go to this top part and you may have to click Marketplace. But that’s gonna take you to this page. From the left side, you can see all these different categories. Of products that you can go out there and promote. Okay? And we can promote any type of category with this method.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Two

I use the most, and that is either E-Business or marketing. Which is how to make money online type products. Or you can go into health and fitness. Now in health and fitness products, go down, and then basically you could open up one of these different subcategories, And let’s go into the exercises and fitness. Now, once you’re in there, they have a list of these different products you can choose from.

And we can open it up, look at the sales page look at what it looks like, and then if we like it, we’re just gonna start promoting this again totally free. And you can start making money with a few clicks, as you’ll see as you keep reading this powerful tutorial.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Three

But in very simple terms, go sort results by, and then you wanna click that and hit gravity. This is going to sort it by basically the best-selling products, And the most popular at the top. So these are best-selling and most popular. Now, the next thing we want to do is we want to find the average dollar per sale.

We want to make sure that this is above at least $20 to make it worth our while and to make, you know, a hundred dollars or more every day. And what we wanna do is make sure at least $20, but not too high, you don’t want to go over, let’s say, a hundred dollars if you’re just gonna use this method.

If you use the tool that I’m gonna share with you, you can promote up to $200 or more and make a lot more money. But I’ll share that in a second. So then you just wanna open the link in the new tab, okay? And it’s gonna share with you the actual page that we’re gonna send people that are already interested.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Four

Now, this is a flat belly detox. If I open it up very quickly, you’re gonna see. It’s a pretty good-looking sales page and ha it talks about basically losing, belly fat. So that’s a very kind of broad one, which is very good. It’s gonna appeal to a lot of people. Now, once we find the product we wanna promote to, to get our customized link to share with people, to start making money, you simply hit promote.

Now that’s gonna open up this page here, and you wanna just generate hop links. Click that button. Now, this is your own personal. Affiliate link or customized link that you send people.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Five

find interested people on twitter

Now, how do we find prospects? How do we find interested people? Totally For free. What is the simple trick? Well, I’m excited. If you go to Twitter, there’s a search bar. And again, if I zoom in, okay, you can see there’s a search bar.

What people don’t realize a lot is on Twitter, you can Search and find people that have said specific key phrases. Just recently on Twitter, they’ve tweeted something out that pertains to a certain topic. So what we wanna do is we wanna find people that are saying they have the problem, that the product that we’re promoting solves.

Because every product solves a problem, and if you solve someone’s problem, they will pay you money. So we just wanna find people with the problem of the product. So for this example, it’s mostly women that want a better figure. They wanna lose belly fat, they wanna lose fat.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Six

Once you find thousands and thousands of people that just say, I wanna lose weight, I wanna lose weight, I wanna lose weight, what you’re gonna do is you’re just going to like the post. You’d like the post, and then you’d hit this little chat thing, and you’d say something relate. And the link to this product. You want to get your actual affiliate link so you get coded and credited for that referral that sale.

And most people are gonna be very appreciative because they’re] asking for help. We’re not just, you know, posting these links, spamming these links to people that don’t care about losing weight or don’t care about making money, or whatever type of product you. Um, from, you know, click Bank right here.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Step Seven

We’re finding interested people, but that isn’t saying it. You know, you can do any type of quote, whatever the product is. I wanna make more money. Um, I want to find a soulmate. You know, I, you know, I wanna learn how to meditate. Whatever type of product you’re promoting, you could use this powerful method and it only takes like 10 clicks.

You just type that in. Click and then send. Okay. So I mean, and you could, you know, you could copy-paste messages now. Now obviously as Twitter, Twitter has limits and you don’t wanna just, you know, spam links everywhere. A way to make this maybe even safer, you could just, you know, comment, Hey, um, if you’re interested, let me know.

And then if they reply, you could send them your link, that way you could follow them. You could private message them and do it that way. But this is a method anyone can. You can find products, but I wanna share with you a special way to ramp this up. Make 10 times the amount of money before I get going because you may be thinking, well, what if I wanna make more money than just $20 a sale?

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