these affiliate marketing niches will make affiliate marketers rich in 2023

These Affiliate Marketing Niches Will Make Affiliate Marketers Rich in 2023

In this article, we talk about the best affiliate marketing niches in 2023. This affiliate marketing niche is going to be so big in 2023. It’s going to blow up the world the same way social media did 10 years ago. With the launch of Facebook, we’re gonna see ad money, affiliate money, investor money, and all kinds of cash flowing into this niche. And those that get in early promoting this niche are going to make a lot of money in a short amount of time and find themselves living their dream lifestyles much sooner than they thought.

Affiliate Marketing Niches In 2023

Affiliate Marketing Niches In 2023
Affiliate Marketing Niches In 2023

Hey guys, I hope this article turns 2023 into a wildly profitable year for some of you, and I honestly think it will. A lot of you guys know that after trying for years and years as an affiliate marketer, I had a lot of success suddenly in a very short amount of time, and that came from the timing.

I got into the right niche with the right product at the right time. Timing is so, so critical to affiliate success, and in this. I wanna help you identify some of the, uh, potential niches that I think 2023 will be breakout years for them. So we’re gonna start with the last, and then we’re gonna work our way up to the one that I was talking about in the beginning.

I’m also gonna give you some ideas, uh, in some of these niches about how I would go about starting to promote an affiliate marketing business in that space. The first one we’re gonna talk about is one I’ve talked about on this channel.

Affiliate Marketing Niche: Pickleball

Affiliate Marketing Niche Pickleball
Affiliate Marketing Niche: Pickleball

Some of you guys are gonna smack yourself in the head when I bring it up because you’re sick of me talking about it. Pickleball, and I’m not just saying this because I love the sport of pickleball. I’m saying this because of a few different things. The first thing is pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the US right now, which is important, but more important than that is the cult-like nature of the pickleball community.

So making money as an affiliate is all about community, and the pickleball community has one of the best communities out there right now. Okay? It’s very, very cult-like, which is awesome. Not in an unhealthy way, but people put a lot of money into it because it’s become more of a lifestyle, right? They, instead of just playing pickleball sometimes for fun, uh, wear pickleball clothes, and they hang out with all their pickleball friends.

It’s become very ingrained in people’s lives that like pickleball. And because of that, they put a lot of money into it. Lessons Paddles, t-shirts, clothes, all kinds of things because they’re such fans of the sport, the community behind the sport, and the lifestyle of the sport. So if I were gonna get into the sport of pickleball, I would start with logging.

Okay. There are very few successful pickleball blogs out there right now, and the, search trend for pickleball is, Dramatically growing. There are very few blogs out there that are doing well and know what they’re doing and are focused on pickleball, and that means that there’s a lot of potentials for new bloggers to get in and start making money a lot quicker than you could in a lot of the other blogging niches.

Affiliate Marketing Niche: 3D

Affiliate Marketing Niche 3D
Affiliate Marketing Niche: 3D

The next one is 3d. So this is an industry that I’m not super familiar with. So I have my friend James Hurst. He started a 3D printing business last year during the pandemic that blew up to, uh, the tune of five to $10,000 a month in just a matter of a few months. And all he was doing is printing these little, uh, sacrament trays for members of, uh, local congregations that were no longer able to attend church because of the pandemic.

Okay. So just doing that, he was able, to get five to $10,000 a month very, very quickly. Using a bunch of 3D printers. Now, he was also able to print me this awesome 3D Bitcoin right here, uh, which I keep close on my desk cuz I think it looks cool. But then, the 3D printing business right now is kind of more b2b.

There’s a ton of B2B stuff going on where people are selling to businesses. But you’re gonna see that transition over the next few years, in my opinion. You’re gonna see it transition from business to customer, okay? B2C where these businesses are selling 3D printers to customers that want to use them for all kinds of cool things.

But we’re seeing such crazy advancements in what 3D printers can print that you’re gonna see people every day. People all have 3D printers in the same way. They do have regular printers in their house right now, and they’ll use ’em to print clothes and anything that you can think of. Kind of simple and maybe doesn’t have a ton of tech behind it, you’ll see them using 3D printers to print.

There’ll be a ton of money in this, especially on the affiliate commission side because people will spend thousands and thousands of dollars on this. And you can also sell digital products where people will buy models that are already sites springing up, where people can buy models of what they can plug into their printer and have it print and you’ll be able to make money on.

Both of those, obviously the highest commissions will be on those small model sales, but you’ll see great commissions as well on these really expensive 3D printers that you’ll see people start buying in the next few years.

Affiliate Marketing Niche: Crypto

Affiliate Marketing Niche Crypto
Affiliate Marketing Niche: Crypto

The next one is crypto, and I’ve talked about this on my channel multiple times, and that’s because it is such a huge opportunity that I see a lot of online entrepreneurs just simply ignoring it. After all, they don’t understand it.

Whether or not you are going to choose crypto as your niche in 2023, I would learn about crypto, but that also. It’s an incredible niche. I started my crypto YouTube channel in 2017 deal. It’s, it’s a medium to small channel with about 30,000 subscribers. But even there’s so much happening in the crypto space every single day.

There are so many new themes and new ideas and new coins coming out that there’s always another opportunity to jump at the forefront of a trend. Every single day, you can be the first one to market with a, uh, with some kind of content. The specific type of crypto or a specific idea in the crypto space.

And the crypto market is doubling or tripling almost every year. Right now, 10 new cryptos are being launched every day. At least one of these goes big. There’s not a lot of competition with content on YouTube or on blogs about that crypto because it just showed up a few days ago and now it’s blowing up and there are a ton of people looking for it.

Affiliate Marketing Niche: Online Courses

Affiliate Marketing Niche Online Courses
Affiliate Marketing Niche: Online Courses

Next, we’ve seen the pandemic just drastically accelerate this niche. And what I mean by e-learning is Online learning, taking courses online, and choosing that route over some of the more traditional routes. You’re seeing a lot of people choose to, one, take college classes and things like that online, but a lot of people are moving away from college altogether and just choosing to learn online from people that are already doing a lot of things they wanna learn successfully.

Now, I’m not saying college is completely gonna disappear or die, but you’re gonna see as the price of college gets astronomically high to where it’s just not worth it for a lot of trades. Degrees to be able to go to college and get that degree. They’re gonna start e-learning. They’re gonna be taking these courses from people that charge way less and honestly know a lot more a lot of times than some of these professors.

So the opportunity here is, well, one, there’s always the opportunity to create your e-learning courses and things like that, but also to get into the e-learning space as an expert who helps people that are trying to start their e-learning courses. Okay, so you’re gonna This boom of all these people that have so much knowledge, right?

And they’re realizing that they can share that knowledge and make a lot of money through e-learning sites. And you’re gonna see all these different courses that are already starting to come up where courses teach people how to take that knowledge and turn it into where people take these courses on how to take all of their knowledge and turn it into an e-course, right?

Affiliate Marketing Niche: IOT

Affiliate Marketing Niche IOT
Affiliate Marketing Niche: IOT

Now, the news we wanna talk about is the internet of things. So you probably remember the smartphone boom in 2007, and that’s what I think IOT or the Internet of Things will be like in the next 10 years. Everything you own is going to be connected, guys. I mean, it’s already, you’re already starting to see it.

We bought a washer and dryer the other day and it asked me if I wanted to connect to wifi, and I had no idea why I would want that, but, but I guess some people are connecting their washers and dryers and now they’re dishwashers in their fridges to wifi and they’re connecting. Right. Cars are connected to the internet.

They’re making glasses that are connected to the internet. Your lights are connected to the internet, your house is connected to the internet. Everything you own that runs on electricity, become connected to the internet, and that’s called the Internet of things. And as this happens, there’s going to be a ton of money.

There’s gonna be a ton of money in interconnectivity and things like that. And. Tech review channels focused specifically on these IoT devices will make so much money over the next few years. And that the beauty of this is it’s not very hard to make these, uh, these YouTube videos and stuff on these reviews.

I’ve seen extremely successful channels that just set a camera up right up here and then have a desk beneath it, and they sit there and, you know, open up a box and demo a product every single day on their YouTube channel. Not super complicated and a ton of money Revolves around tech.

Affiliate Marketing Niche: Metaverse

Affiliate Marketing Niche Metaverse
Affiliate Marketing Niche: Metaverse

All right, let’s get a little drum roll here because this is the big one, the one that we kind of played on in the very beginning and used a little bit of clickbait to get us all in here. But it’s one that I think, I know, I don’t even think at this point it’s going to be humongous over the next few years, and that is the metaverse.

Okay. We all, we all heard the announcement, uh, maybe three months ago or Facebook announced that they were changing their name to meta. Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about the metaverse. First off, the best thing you could do if you wanna learn more about this is going watch the movie Ready Player One, because that came out a few years ago and, it helps you understand exactly what the whole idea of a metaverse is.

It’s a completely digital universe. Okay, so let’s say that we recreate the entire world here. But we create it digitally. And you can go in, uh, you create these avatars and stuff like that, and then you enter and you can interact with other people all over the world. But you’re doing so in a digital universe and, Zuckerberg, when they did this announcement, you see, you put on VR headsets and stuff to make it feel like you’re interacting.

Uh, with, with these people in life, but you’re seeing people start to do this with business meetings. So everybody’s sitting in their house, but they’re all wearing headsets and the headsets are showing them sitting around a table and they’re sitting around, a work meeting table and having a meeting and everyone’s got their little avatars and stuff like that.

And, um, this is just like a small piece of what it is. Imagine shopping malls being built in this metaverse. You just throw on your VR goggles, you walk into this shopping mall. Feels real, and you’re walking around this shopping mall buying different things. Uh, gaming is huge. All these different gamers can go in, throw on these goggles, play against each other, and interact with each other in these, these lifelike virtual reality worlds called Metaverses.

Now, the thing about these metaverses is we’re going to see everything that people are buying in the real world, people buying in the metaverse. Now, I’m not. If this is a good idea or a terrible idea or a scam or anything like that, I’m just saying there’s gonna be a lot of money. And in fact, we’ve already started to see money pour into this.

We’re seeing people buy horses and do horse racing. We’re seeing people go to casinos that are built in these metaverses and they spend their day gambling in these fake casinos. Once again, I’m not saying we should be doing this, I’m saying that this is happening, okay? And there’s a ton of money. And it’s, it’s flowing to this.

We’re seeing people buy clothes in Metaverses, okay? They’re spending lots of money on brand-name clothes because we all know how much we love brand-name clothes, and they’re doing it all inside of this Metaverse, okay? None of it’s real. Google this for three seconds and you will see some of the biggest companies in the world, some of the biggest investment firms in the world, and A ton of very smart people talking about where they see the metaverse.

And it’s going to be crazy over the next five to 10 years. So if I were gonna be an affiliate in the Metaverse, I would focus on how to get into it. Okay? So we’re gonna see all these people over the next year or two trying to transition. How do they get involved in the metaverse? What are the best metaverses for them to start and the best metaverses in different categories?

You’re gonna see all this start to happen, and I would create a YouTube channel that helps bring people that are new to the Metaverse into that. Tutorials and stuff like that, helping them get set up and started, and whether it’s Facebook’s Metaverse or some of these other crypto-based metaverses or the, like the shopping mall Metaverse I just talked about, uh, become this, this kind of hub that helps newbies get involved in the metaverse.

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