Select Niche

In this step, you need to select a niche. I will say that you can make a lot of money literally in any niche as long as you have enough volume.

Find an Affiliate Network

There are tons of different affiliate networks and platforms out there. Some include Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, PartnerStack, and Impact.

Types of Products

In this step, you need to know what types of products sell the best and what kinds of products will make you the most amount of money.

Get Your Audience

If you have a Facebook, that means you have X number of friends. You might have an Instagram, a TikTok, a YouTube channel, or anything where you have followers or an audience.

The Right Type of Content

There’s one keyword that I just want you guys all to remember, and anytime you’re making content, literally have this word at the front of your mind. So that word is value.

Build Your Audience Trust

Now, just work on building that audience's trust. And the income you make with affiliate marketing will scale with your audience size.