what is an affiliate marketing model without a website

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Model Without A Website in 2023?

In this article, we discuss what is an affiliate marketing model without a website. After reading this article you will learn ways to do affiliate marketing without a website.

That you can apply today and start seeing success without a single website, without a single blog. So if you’re interested in that, stay tuned.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing
What is Affiliate Marketing

So number one is we need to find a product to recommend, If we’re doing affiliate marketing if you don’t know what that is. It’s where you don’t have to create the product. You don’t have to do all that hard work. You can just recommend a product to someone that’s already selling well.

And if they decide to buy through your link, you get a percentage of that money. And different affiliate programs pay out higher and higher. And by the way, I’ll include a link in the description to my number one recommended affiliate program where you can get a hundred percent commissions when you join today.

Affiliate Marketing Model Without A Website

I’m gonna break down each of these steps. As you keep reading, I’m gonna share with you over the shoulder how, how I find a product to recommend. How I do step two as well. And step two is to get visitors to check out that product. Once we find a product, we need to get visitors to check it out and purchase it. So now where can we find products to recommend?

Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing: Step One

clickbank main page

These are my four top recommendations. Number one is ClickBank. It’s free to create an account. Takes about five minutes and then you’re gonna go to the marketplace at the top. Now ClickBank is very good and each of these has its pros and cons. So once you’re on ClickBank, what you can do is you can go to the. And start looking at the categories. These are different types of products that you can find to promote.

I recommend you do one of two things. You either choose something you’re very passionate about. Or One of the categories that’s either related to health, related to wealth, or related to relationships. Those are the three evergreen topics. All these other topics kind of come and go over time, but those three for hundreds of years have always been relevant to people.

But, if you find a product that you like, and I would recommend, you know, opening them up in a tab and, looking over it, you know, do you resonate with it? Is it one you like? Once you do, To promote it, you’re just gonna go here, and click Promote. And you’re gonna get your link.

Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing: Step Two

JVZoo affiliate network

Now I’m gonna go into the second one because this one’s good, but I wanna share with you the second one, which is JVZoo. so now I’m on JVZoo, and this is another place to find products to promote online.

Now, JV Zoo, it’s gonna be mostly making money online and mostly internet marketing type products. once you’re on Jvz, you’re just gonna create a free account, It takes a couple of minutes, is free, and then you’re gonna go to affiliates, Once you become an affiliate, then go to fine Products. Now, once we’re here, we’re gonna find some products to promote.

These are the names of the products, On the left and in the middle. These are all the stats that this product has. You know, like how, how long ago did it launch? has it been selling recently? We wanna use this data because we wanna find out what products are selling well, and what products are paying well.

So then we can find those types of products and then start to recommend them. You don’t just wanna go out there and recommend anything because you may only get a couple of dollars, uh, if you recommend someone to it. So you can just look here, you know, maybe you can do like launch. And I say maybe because it’s really, there’s no hard and fast rule.

So you can just click there. And often you’ll get approved to promote their product. Now we also wanna look at the sales page. So if I click here to see the sales page, it’s gonna open up the sales page. This is the page you would share.

This is the page that someone that goes to check out the product you’re promoting would see to decide to buy or not. So you can go through it and I personally just look at the sales page, make sure I resonate with it and make sure it looks good. Like would I maybe wanna buy? And if it looks good, if everything is cool, then basically when you get approved, you’re gonna just copy your link.

Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing: Step Three

Amazon Associates
Amazon Associates

So now let me go to the third place where we can find the product. This place is called amazon. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Amazon. it’s one of the, if not the most, it’s one of the. Places that people go to buy products online.

Most people don’t know this, but you can find almost every product on Amazon, you can promote that and earn a commission off of that referral. A lot of people don’t understand that with Amazon. If you see a TV or if you see. Sporting goods or if you see pretty much anything you can, if you’re an associate, if you’re an affiliate with Amazon, you can get a link, share that, and then when someone buys through your link, you’ll get a percentage of that money.

So how exactly do we become an affiliate with Amazon? You wanna go to the affiliate program.amazon.com. . And you could just type in Amazon a. In Google and it would come here. Now, once we’re here, you can just click this button and join for free. But, again, the way it works is once you’re on Amazon’s affiliate program, you can go into Amazon, see a product you like,

Search it at the top and get your link, and you can start promoting that. When we get to step two, which I’m gonna share with you exactly how to start getting tons of people checking out your sales page so they can buy it, and you can start making. I’m gonna share with you one more powerful place to find products.

Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing: Step Four

Instagram profile

So you’re not gonna have to give away a lot of that money. You can just join that program below, and every time you recommend someone, they buy the product, and you’ll make a hundred percent. Of that money. So now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna share with you how we get people checking it out.

Once we have our product selected, we have our link. The next step is we’re just gonna get people to check it out.

Pretty much a numbers game, If you find a product that’s selling, you just wanna get as many people to it as possible to make the most sales, which would be the most money deposited to your bank account. So how do we get people to check it out? Well, we can use Instagram, we can use YouTube, and we can use Facebook.

And I’m gonna walk you through a very simple method on each of these sites that you can use to start, getting referrals as soon as this week. So if I do Instagram, my friend, this is gonna be a profile example of a strategy you. As soon as this week start making referrals and start making money.

 Now, this Instagram page that I randomly found a few minutes ago is called weight_loss_diet_tips. Now they have 395K followers, and if you look at their posts, I want you to notice that they’re not that special. They’re in the niche. So you would find a product and then create an Instagram profile in the niche, and you can just share a meme, share quotes, and stuff like that.

And you can see that they just started building. A following. . So once you start doing that, what you want to do is you wanna make sure that you have your affiliate link in the actual bio. And you can see they have a link here. If I click it, it’s gonna go to, somewhere where they can make money.

You can do it up to two, or three times a day or you can do it every few days. The more you post kind of the better with Instagram’s algorithm nowadays. So you wanna do that and then as you build this following, you can tell people in the description, like right here. Hey, check out, you know, the link in my bio.

Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing: Step Five

Now, another thing you can do is you can go to YouTube, That’s the second way you can get people to check it out, and you can create a review of the product. So if you, if you know, this works especially well for Amazon. Let’s say you have a camera, And you bought it from Amazon, where you can shoot a quick webcam video, review it, give your honest opinion, and then take the name of that.

You can just do this on YouTube and you can start getting referrals on autopilot. It’s truly powerful.

Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing: Step Six

Facebook group
Facebook Group

Now, the last way is you can use Facebook. The last way to get referrals is by just going to your Facebook profile. And you can either post, on your, main profile, You can just like say, Hey, hey guys, I just found this product. You know, it does this, this, and this. If you wanna discover more information on, how it works or what it does, feel free to comment. When you get people commenting, you can just send them the link to your affiliate marketing link, and often because they’re interested, they’re going to decide to buy. They’re going to decide to get the product earning you a nice commission.

You can also go to groups, Health, and fitness. If the product you found is like a health and fitness product, you can just go here and go to groups at the top, And you can just go here and join some of these groups. Now, once you join what you wanna do, You wanna give value, So you don’t just wanna go here and post your link, that’s not gonna work.

You wanna join and then you wanna share some tips, Maybe after a day, maybe after a few days of sharing tips that are related to the topic, maybe health and fitness tips in this example. And then after that, after people start to know you, you can then say a post. Something like, Hey, by the way, I learned most of these tips from this awesome product.

If you wanna discover, you know, how to lose weight fast or how to make. Comment info and I’ll shoot you more information. And then again, you just send them your affiliate link, and a lot of them will buy and earn you money. So there we have it, my friend.

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