15 best high paying affiliate programs

Which Affiliate Marketing Is The Best For Earning In 2023?

Which affiliate marketing is the best for earning in 2023? The best highest-paying affiliate programs are Amazon, Thinkific, Bluehost, Wix, Active Campaign, Adobe, Binance, ShipBob, and more…

In this article, I’m going to show you exactly what to look for in the best affiliate programs and give you my top 15 best high-paying affiliate programs of 2023 to join across multiple niches. 

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What Are We Looking For

Which affiliate marketing is the best for earning
Which affiliate marketing is the best for earning

So before I get into my top 15 picks for the best affiliate programs, first we have to think about what we are looking for in these programs. 

First of all, we have to look at the commission rate. That’s the percentage of the money you’re making for the sale. The commission rate is dictated by the individual brand. 

So for example, in software, you might make something like a 20 or 30% recurring commission every single month as long as the customer remains a customer. Whereas in eCommerce, if you’re selling fitness equipment or an affiliate for home furniture or something like that, you might get a 5% to 10% one-time commission. So really the commission rate is how much of the cut you’re making. You’re like a salesperson online making sales for these brands. 

So first we need to look at the commission rate. Second, we look at the cookie duration. When somebody clicks on an affiliate link, a cookie is stored in their computer on their browser and they don’t have to make a purchase right away for you to get credit for a sale. 

They can make a purchase 30 days, 60 days, or sometimes like 90 or even 180 days after they click your affiliate link. And typically, as long as you’re the last affiliate, the last affiliate link click that they clicked on, you’ll get credit for that sale. 

So combining commission rates and cookie duration also with the value of the product or the price will ultimately get you your commission rate and how much money you’re making. 

With affiliate marketing, however, the biggest unknown factor is something that’s completely out of your control, and that is the conversion rate. So, you send brands these clicks as an affiliate, but do they convert? Do they become customers and buy these products? That’s something that’s a little bit out of your hands. So another huge factor is the conversion rate of the company that you’re promoting. That would be, I think, the most important factor. 

So these 15 affiliate programs that I’m going to be covering today have good conversion rates because they have good brand recognition and they get a lot of people to convert into customers. So between commission rate, cookie duration, and conversion rate, these are the top 15 affiliate programs that I like to use in 2023.

Thinkific Affiliate Program

thinkific affiliate program
Thinkific affiliate program

All right, the first on my list is Thinkific. Let’s take a look at their site. Thinkific is an online course platform that helps course creators create and sell their online courses. They have a great affiliate program because it is typically a 30% recurring commission.

I’m getting paid commissions every month from Thinkific. They have a great affiliate program, a great affiliate manager, and a great affiliate team, and they’re located in the partner stack. And I recommend them as my top pick for the best affiliate program.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

bluehost affiliate program
Bluehost affiliate program

Number two on my list is Bluehost. We all know how popular Bluehost is with bloggers teaching people how to start a blog with web hosting and choosing Bluehost is the best option. I think they’re the most popular web hosting affiliate program because of their competitive commission rates and also just because of their brand recognition. 

Everybody knows who Bluehost is They convert well, and they have helpful affiliate managers when you see their affiliate page here. And you can choose to join their affiliate team. 

When you first join the program, you’ll earn $65 for each hosting purchase. So it’s a one-time $65 that goes all the way up to 100 and $2530 depending on your sales numbers. So it’s the more sales you get, the higher your commission rate gets. They have a self-hosted program, so your log in and can view all your metrics in their dashboard. And it’s a really easy affiliate program to join if you’re recommending blogging, web hosting, and starting a website. 

Wix Affiliate Program

wix affiliate program
Wix affiliate program

Third, on my list is Wix. Wix is the most popular, I would say, website builder out there, and they have a good affiliate program as well. So you can promote the world’s leading web publishing platform, so much like you can recommend WordPress stuff with Bluehost. You can also recommend Wix as a website builder. They’re good because they’re aggressive with their affiliate program. They have affiliate managers that will pay you hundreds of dollars to bring in a Wix customer. 

They have an eCommerce platform component, they have a website builder, and they’ll pay you differently based on what you’re promoting, but they could pay you $300, $500, or $700 per sale based on your sales volume. So if you’re an affiliate that can bring in good sales for Wix, they will pay you well and they have really good brand recognition. And they’re one of the best affiliate programs in my view.

Active Campaign Affiliate Program

active campaign affiliate program
active campaign affiliate program

Number four on my list is Active Campaign. Active Campaign is an email marketing software provider. It’s a mixture of reasonable conversion rates and a good recurring revenue structure. A lot of email marketing software companies, pay a one-time fee or they don’t convert that well because there are so many of them. Not true with the active campaign. 

They have a really good platform and a really good email marketing service provider. They have tons of automation features, and they’re an advanced platform, much better than something like MailChimp. And based on their affiliate structure, you get paid a 10%, 20%, or 30% recurring commission based on your sales volume. So, again, the more sales you get, the higher your commission rate. But with Active Campaign, that recurring model is helpful in the affiliate world.

Adobe Affiliate Program

adobe affiliate program
adobe affiliate program

Number five on my list is the Adobe affiliate program. Adobe is a very popular suite of software tools. There are Adobe, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, and InDesign All kinds of different software that you can promote. And they have pretty good commission rates. And I like Adobe because it’s a one-stop shop for all this graphic design, video editing, and photo editing stuff. I’m in a lot of photos, video, and graphic design affiliate programs, and it makes it easy. 

They have great brand recognition. You’re talking about photo editors who don’t know Photoshop? So when you look at their affiliate page, they offer monthly subscriptions. So commissions are different based on Adobe stock versus Creative Cloud. Typically, you want to recommend Creative Cloud, and then you get 85% of the first month’s monthly subscriptions. 

I just know that it converts well. And you can make a lot of money with the Adobe affiliate program. Super well-known brand, with a reasonable commission, rates And that’s why they’re on this list.

ShipBob Affiliate Program

Shipbob affiliate program
ShipBob affiliate program

Next on my list is ShipBob. ShipBob is an eCommerce fulfillment service. So they help eCommerce brands ship and deliver their goods, which is popular if you think about Amazon and all of their you know, they have two-day shipping and prime. Ship Bob is the way that e-commerce merchants with a website can have, Amazon-level services for their fulfillment needs. 

They have a really good affiliate program. I know their team personally. They pay on a cost-per-lead basis. So any lead that comes in that wants a fulfillment quote, you’ll get $25 per lead. And that increases the more leads that you bring in. So they manage their affiliate program well, and that is why they’re on my list.

Livestorm Affiliate Program

livestorm affiliate program
Livestorm affiliate program

Next on my list is Livestorm. Livestorm is a webinar software that helps marketers and business owners create effective webinars. And they have a really good affiliate program. If you go to their partner page, you can see that you can become an affiliate partner. And it starts at a 20% commission recurring on each plan. 

So, again, I like these recurring commission models because you’re making money not just one time and then hoping that you get traffic next month, you’re getting it regularly. So they have a good affiliate manager, they’re helpful, they’re open to content and collaboration and things like that. And they offer that tiered commission structure with good conversion rates. That makes them a good one for this list.

Binance Affiliate Program

binance affiliate program
Binance affiliate program

Next on my list is the Binance affiliate program. So if you want to write about crypto and bitcoin Ethereum and bitcoin mining and all this different crypto stuff, there are a lot of new blogs and YouTube channels doing that. 

The Binance affiliate program is pretty lucrative. You earn a 50% lifetime commission on every qualified trade. So if you bring somebody in that signs up for finance, you’re not just making a one-time lead or anything like that one-time payment, you’re making money 50% lifetime on every qualified trade. 

So that one starts adding up. So they’re one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. A lot of the money to be made in crypto affiliate programs is the exchanges themselves. People writing about. You know, the best cryptocurrency exchanges, how to buy dogecoin, and those types of things to get them onto the platforms. But finance is the one to look at if you’re going into the crypto space.

ExpressVPN Affiliate Program

expressvpn affiliate program
expressvpn affiliate program

Next on my list is ExpressVPN. So VPNs are huge in the affiliate marketing world. People writing about the best virtual private networks, the best for Netflix, and the best VPNs to use for your computer, for private Internet usage. ExpressVPN, to me, is the best VPN affiliate program simply because of its brand recognition and commission rates. 

So if you go to their affiliate program page, you can see that they offer the highest commissions in the VPN industry. There are a ton of good VPN affiliate programs, so this is just one of them. And I want to bring up the category as a whole. There’s ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and a lot of others, but a lot of them are tiered commissions. 

So the more sales that you bring for these VPN companies, the higher your commissions are. And they don’t have any caps on this. I know certain affiliates make hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions a month from VPN providers. So it’s a competitive industry. But ExpressVPN is a really good one if you’re talking about VPNs.

NerdWallet Affiliate Programs

nerdwallet affiliate program
nerdwallet affiliate program

Next, we’re going to get into the credit card space. So it’s tough for a newcomer and a new blogger to get into something as competitive as credit cards and banking offers. That’s why Bank Rate Credit Cards is a great mini affiliate network to join because you can join them as you see here as a publisher. 

You can go down here and you can see that they will provide you with the best credit card offers from Top Issuers. They have account representatives. So you sign up through here and you get paid. And you can join all these different credit card offers because a lot of these big brands like Chase Capital One, they’re never going to work with a small individual. They only work on these exclusive partnership deals that might take years to create with a company like NerdWallet or one of these big financial sites. 

So using a network like a bank or Credit Card can get you the offers so that you can add these credit card-related affiliate links to your site. So I would look at if you’re in the finance space and you’re talking about credit cards, you’re talking about online banking, check out Bankratecards.com. They’re a good pick in the credit card niche.

Travel Affiliates Programs

travelpayouts affiliate program
Travelpayouts affiliate program

In a similar vein, the next one on my list is Travel Payouts, which is an affiliate network for travel affiliates. So if you’re a blogger writing about all kinds of travel and destinations and hotels and flights, you could join something like Travelpayouts, which is a travel affiliate network. And when you look at them, they’ve paid out $31 million. They have 300,000 affiliates. There are over 100 travel affiliate programs. 

They have a lot of promotional tools. And things like that. But it’s easy instead of, you know, if you’re just starting in Travel, instead of joining like Expedia and Hotels.com and Priceline and all these companies, companies individually, you can start with Travel Payouts as a network. So it’s easier to join a big network and then move into individual deals later. So if you’re in Travel, check out Travel Payouts is a great travel affiliate network.

PartnerStack Affiliates Programs

partnerstack affiliate program
Partnerstack affiliate program

Next on the list are my favorite affiliate networks. So while a lot of affiliate programs are managed in their dashboard and you can sign up individually, a lot of them are also located in affiliate networks. Kind of like we talked about with Travel Payouts and Bank Rate credit cards. But my three favorite affiliate networks are Partner Stack, Impact, and Share a Sale. Those are the three I like and I’m going to go through each of them individually and their strengths. 

So here’s PartnerStack. Partner Stack is great. You can look at their marketplace. You can join individual programs. This is the best if you’re in the software niche. There are a ton of different software companies here that you can join. I’m currently in a lot of different ones, probably 30 or 40 different affiliate programs and Partner Stack, but it’s really easy to join. You can look at these individual programs and they offer all the commission rate information. 

You can join it just within the dashboard. You can see easy reporting and lots of helpful information. The user interface is my favorite. It’s super easy to use. You can see all these different, these metrics, and how much you’ve earned for these different companies, and you can view that data in one place. So partnership is the best.

Impact Radius Affiliates Programs

impact affiliate program
impact affiliate program

Next is the impacted radius, now known as impact. The impact is a big affiliate network. There are some major brands in there all across the board. I recommend you join Impact. You can see all of the different brands here. You can look at marketplaces to view them and you can do it by industry. 

So like, let’s look at Travel. We can look at all the different travel affiliate companies here. There are things like Babble, like, let’s say I want to join the Babel affiliate program because I talk about language learning. It gives you a subscription. 

So it’s a 15% recurring commission. On that one. You can just join these programs individually. See budget, travel, budget. Australia. You can look at that one, you can see all the information you join, and then you can easily grab your links, publish your content, and work from there. So there are a lot of good brands and impacts. I recommend you join that network.

ShareASale Affiliates Programs

shareasale affiliate program
ShareASale affiliate program

Number three on my list of affiliate networks is ShareASale. The ShareASale is probably best if you’re an affiliate that wants to promote fashion brands or e-commerce companies because that’s probably what they’re most known for. But if you look at their marketplace, all of these networks look a little different, but they’re just a way to find programs, grab your links, and then view the reporting. 

So as long as you can get your link, you can publish it on your website, view reporting, and you’re good to go. In their marketplace. Like, if I look at clothing, for example, I can see all the clothing brands. Like there’s dress lily yes, style. She and my wife loves Sheen. So, like, there’s that program, they pay $5 per sale, or 10% per sale for yes Style, 16% for Dressability. So you can see you can also view in the marketplace, let’s look at the last 30 days who has the highest earnings per click. And you can start viewing these brands that way. 

So, like, we can see. Something like Fashion Pass with a 15% commission has really good earnings per click and we can view all these different clothing brands. So if you’re a clothing, you know, fashion Affiliate or e-commerce looking for physical products, ShareASale is a great affiliate network to join.

Amazon Affiliate Program

amazon affiliate program

Last on my list is what I would call the debacle of the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program and ways that you can find Amazon replacements. So we all know that last year Amazon drastically slashed their commission rates for all of their affiliates. A lot of them are cut in half, where now instead of making 6% of commission, you’re making 3%. Amazon Associate Program is so easy to join because basically everything is on Amazon and you can grab a link and promote it. 

However, it is the worst commission rate in the industry. So what you need to do and what I would recommend if you’re a new blogger, is join the Amazon Associate Affiliate program. Add content. If you’re writing about eCommerce stuff that people buy online, join the Amazon one first, and then once you start ranking your content and making some money, find Amazon replacements. So that could be anything like changing that sporting goods thing from Amazon to Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program. Or it could be home stuff going from Amazon and changing that to wayfare or changing that to an individual furniture manufacturer. 

So I would say the Amazon Associates Affiliate program is the easiest to start adding a ton of products to your site, but you need to find Amazon replacements. And the key to finding Amazon replacements is making sure your articles are ranking and then joining affiliate programs that are competitive with commission rates in the seven to 15% range so that you’re making double, triple, or quadruple what you would on Amazon. 


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